Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) - 150mg/1000mg (1 Tablet)

Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) - 150mg/1000mg (1 Tablet) P1Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) - 150mg/1000mg (1 Tablet) P2
  • Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) - 150mg/1000mg (1 Tablet) P1
  • Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) - 150mg/1000mg (1 Tablet) P2

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Brand Name : Zocon-T Kit

Generic Name: Fluconazole | Tinidazole |

Manufacturer : FDC

About Zocon-T Kit: Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) is designed in the form of a tablet. The drug has both antibiotic and antifungal functions that ensure that the symptoms from bacterial and fungal illnesses are reduced significantly. Each Zocon-T Kit tablet contains 150 mg of Fluconazole, antifungal medication and 1000mg of Tinidazole an anti-bacterial substance to help combat bacterial infections. Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) is known to be used in the treatment of a variety of disorders including; vaginal candidiasis, vaginal trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis. The drug works by breaking down the structure of the fungal infection as well as other bacterial infections in the body thereby preventing the growth of these alien parasites.

How to use Zocon-T Kit

Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) is in tablet form and is administered orally. The drug should be taken a whole with a glass of water. The drug should not be broken or crushed as this may affect how it is ingested into the body. To ensure that the patient receives the best treatment from this medication, they should get a prescription from a medical physician. Following the prescription is very important since ceasing the dosage abruptly may cause the infection to grow immunity against the medication. If patients wish to change the dosage, they should contact a doctor to get professional assistance.

Zocon-T Kit Dosage

Patients should make sure to finish the dosage given by a doctor to ensure the optimum working of the drug. If the patient misses a dose, they should take it as soon as remembering. Adjusting the dose to increase the effect of the drug is highly discouraged as it will interrupt the whole treatment process. If the patient takes an overdose, they should get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible to advise on the best course of action.

Zocon-T Kit Side Effects

When using Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole)tablets, patients may experience some temporary side effects. Although these side effects are not severe, patients are encouraged to keep in touch with a doctor to report any signs of discomfort or uneasiness. These side effects include the following; nausea, bitter taste, hair loss, exhaustion, fatigue, numb limbs, dark urine.

Zocon-T Kit Precautions

Using alcohol along with this medication may bring about unwanted effects like vomiting and nausea. Before taking this medication, patients with allergies should tell the doctor to determine whether Zocon-T Kit (Fluconazole/Tinidazole) tablets are good for you or not. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include difficulty in breathing and swallowing, hives and rashes and skin swelling. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are also advised to see a doctor before taking the medication as it may affect them in their condition. Patients on any other over-the-counter drugs should also inform the physician before taking a prescription to avoid any drug interaction that may occur.

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