Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole) - 0.3% (5mL)

Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole) -  0.3% (5mL) P1
  • Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole) -  0.3% (5mL) P1

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Brand Name : Zocon

Generic Name: Fluconazole |

Manufacturer : FDC

About Zocon: Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole) is a top-class medication against fungal keratitis and fungal corneal ulcers. The medication works by preventing the growth of bacteria in the eye. The active component in this medication is known as triazole which occupies 0.3% of the entire ophthalmic medication. It works by stopping the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol which helps build the cytoplasmic membrane of the bacterial infection. The fungus can be introduced into the eye through contact with sap from plant leaves or other organic material. This medication is able to treat any fungal infections that affect the eye. It also helps in reducing the effect of the ocular fungal infection.

How to use Zocon

Patients, before using Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole), should contact a doctor in order to get an appropriate prescription that will guide how they take the drug. Adults are usually prescribed to use the medication one to three times in a day for each eye that is affected. To administer the drug, the patient should maintain extreme caution to do as instructed. First, the patient should tilt the head backward, this is followed by bringing down the eyelid of the affected eye enough to collect a drop of the drug. Release a single drop into the eye and close it for about half a minute to let the drug be absorbed in the system. The patient can also apply some pressure on the eye to prevent the drug from pouring out of the side of the eye.

Zocon Dosage

Patients should follow a doctor’s prescription for the letter to allow for the best mode of treatment from Zocon Eye Drops. In the event of an overdose of the eye drops, the patient is advised to get in touch with a doctor immediately to prevent any negative effects like reddening or swelling. If the patient misses a dose, they should take it as soon as they remember to prevent disrupting the prescription.

Zocon Side Effects

Using Zocon Eye Drops (Fluconazole) may lead to some probable side effects. Although these side effects are not severe, patients are advised to keep in touch with a doctor and report any incidences of uneasiness or discomfort. These side effects include the following; blurry vision, headaches, the build-up of tears every now and then, burning sensation in the eye along with irritation of the eye.

Zocon Precautions

People with allergic reactions to medication should agree with a doctor on how to use Zocon Eye Drops to prevent any unnecessary injury. Activities that require straight vision like driving are not advised when one is under this medication as it may cause blurriness. These eye drops should be ingested in any way, and if this happens, the victim should contact a doctor to advise on the right course of action.

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