Fasigyn (Tinidazole) - 500mg (100 Tablets)

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  • Fasigyn (Tinidazole) - 500mg (100 Tablets) P1
  • Fasigyn (Tinidazole) - 500mg (100 Tablets) P2

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Brand Name : Fasigyn

Generic Name: Tinidazole |

Manufacturer : Pfizer

About Fasigyn: Fasigyn (Tinidazole)are tablets administered orally. The drug is very effective in treating bacterial and parasitic infections especially those caused by protozoan parasites. It is also used in the treatment of stomach ulcers. However, it is majorly used to treat a variety of bacterial infections affecting the skin, internal organs and also genital infection in both men and women. Vaginitis, trichomonas vaginalis, gum inflammation, dysentery, gingivitis, and giardiasis are a number of bacterial infections caused by protozoan and which are all treated by Fasigyn (Tinidazole). The drug’s active ingredient Tinidazole has special antiprotozoal and antibacterial properties that neutralize a wide array of infections. It works by targeting the bacteria’s DNA, damaging it hence preventing any more DNA synthesis and eventually stopping growth. The drug puts the body in a better position to eradicate the bacteria by ceasing its growth.

How to use Fasigyn

Fasigyn (Tinidazole) – 500mg are antibiotic tablets taken orally with a glass of water. Physicians recommend that the drug is taken during meals or shortly after meals to prevent any stomach upsets that might occur. The daily dosage will depend on one’s condition being treated, age and the doctor’s recommendation. Some conditions require only a dose a day while others require the drug three times a day but for a lesser period. Fasigyn (Tinidazole) tablets should be taken until the bacteria has cleared since stopping the prescription can cause the bacteria to form a resistance to the antibiotic.

Fasigyn Dosage

Patients should follow the doctor’s prescription to avoid taking the drug wrongly. In the event of an overdose, individuals should visit a doctor as soon as possible to prevent any unwanted side effects. Taking a double dose to increase the effect of Fasigyn (Tinidazole) tablets is strongly discouraged as it may lead to detrimental and even injurious results.If patients miss a dose, they should take it as soon as they remember to prevent disrupting the prescription given.

Fasigyn Side Effects

Using Fasigyn (Tinidazole) 500mg may cause some undesired side effects. Possible side effects include the following; diarrhoea, stomach pains, nausea, dark urine, vomiting, headaches and a lower white blood cell count. Although these side effects don’t occur in severity, patients should contact a doctor to prevent uncomfortable feeling and monitor side effects.

Fasigyn Precautions

Fasigyn (Tinidazole) tablets are not for everyone, i.e., people under other medication should first contact a physician to direct on how to take this medication. Pregnant and breast-feeding women and also those planning to conceive should enquire from the psychiatrist whether this drug is safe to use in their condition. Allergic reactions should be reported to a doctor to advise on the best course of action hence preventing any unwanted risk situations.

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