Canesten Vaginal Cream (Clotrimazole) - 20mg (30g Tube)

Canesten Vaginal Cream (Clotrimazole) - 20mg (30g Tube) P1Canesten Vaginal Cream (Clotrimazole) - 20mg (30g Tube) P2
  • Canesten Vaginal Cream (Clotrimazole) - 20mg (30g Tube) P1
  • Canesten Vaginal Cream (Clotrimazole) - 20mg (30g Tube) P2

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Brand Name : Canesten

Generic Name: Clotrimazole |

Manufacturer : Bayer

About Canesten: The brand name for the drug is Canesten Vaginal Cream. Its active ingredient is known as Clotrimazole. The main manufacturer of this drug is Bayer Healthcare. It contains antifungal medication that kills the fungi and yeasts by destroying all their cell membranes. A substance known as ergosterol is found in the cells is destroyed in the process. As the cell membranes continue to appear, the cream works by creating holes in them so that the important ingredients are eliminated.

How to use Canesten

It is used to cure skin infections that are caused by fungi or yeasts such as Candida and dermatophytes such as Trichophyton and tinea. It works by eliminating molds and fungi infections that emanate from athlete’s foot, jock itches, ring worms, fungal nappy rashes, infections on the foreskin of the penis and vaginal thrush.

Canesten Dosage

The patient should apply the cream by rubbing it onto the skin three times a day. He/she should be careful enough to apply it gently. Make an approximation of 0.5cm regarding length when making the application for it spread evenly. After the application, one should wash their hands so that the infection does not spread to another area of the skin. The treatment should last up to one month especially if it for dermatophytes. Other infections can be eliminated within a week as long as the patient follows the instructions to the letter.

Canesten Side Effects

The patient may exhibit symptoms related to; itchiness and burning sensation around the vagina, drowsiness, and shortness of breath, skin swelling and abdominal cramps. All these should be reported to the nearest healthcare expert for interventions.

Canesten Precautions

It is not advisable for the woman to use douches, tampons, and other vaginal products when the treatment is in progress. These products tend to interfere with the pH of the vagina and may delay the healing process. Instead, you can use unscented pads during menstruation so that the blood does not get into contact with the cream.

Any allergic reaction is a contraindication. Therefore, the victim should maximize on informing their doctor in case of any. He/she will tell the patient why the treatment is not going through as planned.

Pregnant and lactating mothers also need to be handled with care as their bodies may not respond well to treatment. In fact, they are likely to encounter reoccurrence of the infection is not given the proper medication.

Doctors always advise against self-medication. This is because vaginal thrush may be caused by bacteria. Therefore, it is important to get a lab test report before the prescription is made.