Canesten Vaginal (Clotrimazole) - 100mg (6 Tablets with Applicator)

Canesten Vaginal (Clotrimazole) - 100mg (6 Tablets with Applicator) P1Canesten Vaginal (Clotrimazole) - 100mg (6 Tablets with Applicator) P2
  • Canesten Vaginal (Clotrimazole) - 100mg (6 Tablets with Applicator) P1
  • Canesten Vaginal (Clotrimazole) - 100mg (6 Tablets with Applicator) P2

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Brand Name : Canesten

Generic Name: Clotrimazole |

Manufacturer : Bayer

About Canesten: They exist as tablets under the brand name- Canesten Vaginal under the generic name of Clotrimazole. A company bearing the names of Bayer Healthcare is the main manufacturer of this drug. It works by reducing the growth and multiplication of the yeast fungus. By using this drug, the patient should experience reduced itches, burning sensations and abnormal discharges from the labia majora.

How to use Canesten

These tablets are supposed to be inserted into the vagina using the applicator. This is supposed to be done once a day, especially during bedtime. The tablet should be inserted as deeply as possible for its work. The patient is advised to lie on their back with bent knees or to squat before inserting it into the vagina. Just as you would to a syringe, you can release the tablet by pressing the plunger. After use, you need to clean it using mild soap and warm water for future use. You should be able to experience relief after 3 to 7 days.

Canesten Dosage

To treat the vaginal thrush, the patient should use the applicator to insert the tablet deeply into the vagina for six nights. Alternatively, two tablets can be inserted the same way for three nights. Oral tablets can also be taken to speed up the healing process.

Canesten Side Effects

Go back to your gynecologist if you experience any of the following side effects; prolonged vaginal itching, pungent vaginal discharge, shortness of breath and cramps. There are numerous reports on reoccurrence. This may be caused as a result of bacterial infection. There should be a clear distinction between the two so that the patient gets immediate relief.

Canesten Precautions

Even though the signs and symptoms may be similar, it is not advisable to prescribe this drug to another person. This is because they could be suffering from bacterial infections. Also, women need to avoid wearing tight clothes, douching and use of perfumed soaps. These items tend to interfere with the natural flora found in the vagina. When menstruating, the woman should change their tampons regularly since the fungus thrives well in moist environments.

The six tablets are supposed to take the user through 6 nights. The user should adhere to these instructions to prevent reoccurrences of the same infection.

It should not be taken orally. Instead, it should be inserted directly into the vagina. If the symptoms do not subside within six days, then you may want to seek further medical attention. If the symptoms recur after two months, you should also seek alternative measures. Finally, if you develop an rash or irritation, then you need to discontinue the use.