Wysolone (Prednisolone) - 5mg (15 Tablets)

Wysolone (Prednisolone) - 5mg (15 Tablets) P1
  • Wysolone (Prednisolone) - 5mg (15 Tablets) P1

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Brand Name : Wysolone

Generic Name: Prednisolone |

Manufacturer : Wyeth

About Wysolone: Wysolone (Prednisolone) is also known to be a glucocorticoid which is used to modify the way the immune system of the body reacts to the stimuli. It is used to be in various kind of the disorder immune problem. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it able to treat the immune disorder. The main and active ingredient of this medicine is derived from cortisol. A Physician will give the prescription for this medicine in limits so as to build the immunity system well so that the body can get rid of other different kinds of problems.

How to use Wysolone

This medicine is used to treat a different kind of allergies. This medicine is known to be an anti- allergic, immunosuppressant and anti- inflammatory because it contains all such properties which are used to treat such typ0es of the problem. This medicine has also been using with several different kinds of drugs to treat the problem. It can be a part of any of the disease treatment. It has also been used to deal with the issue of the hematologic disorders.

It is used in several different types of diseases but what amount of this medicine is right for the treatment.

Wysolone Dosage

In the market, this tablet is available in two different mg one is 5mg and the other one is the 10 mg. Both forms of the tablet are strengthening one. Physician advice is good in all ways because they prescribe all correct way for taking the dose. The standard dosage for this medicine is 5mg to 10 mg; not more than that. Physician increases or decreases the dose of the medicine as per the patient`s improvement. If the drug acts on the symptoms as expected, then you will be required to continue with the medication.

Wysolone Side Effects

In some of the people, this Wysolone (Prednisolone) also cause side effects. The reason that is the ingredients of that medicine is not suited to the body of the patient, or they are more reactive with the other elements. It also causes different side effects:

  • Acne related problem
  • Dizzy sensation
  • Savior headache problem
  • Problem in sleeping

There are several other problems also get cause because of the side effect of this medicine. Some of the most common ones are the eyesight related problem, strange behaviors, seizures, depression, and pancreatitis related problem.

Wysolone Precautions

The physicians mainly suggest different precautions for various medicines. They start the treatment with a lower dose. If the reaction of the medicine is positive, you will be asked to increase the dosage gradually until a standard dosage is reached. Be sure to check that you stick to the dosage as prescribed. During this treatment the immunes system is weak, so it will be better for you to avoid the contract the people who are suffering from any disease. These are the basic information about the Wysolone (Prednisolone) which tell you that why physician chooses the medicines for different problems.

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