Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) - 500mg/800mg (10 Tablets)

Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) - 500mg/800mg (10 Tablets) P1
  • Prexaron Plus (Citicoline/Piracetam) - 500mg/800mg (10 Tablets) P1

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Brand Name : Prexaron Plus

Generic Name: Piracetam | Citicoline |

Manufacturer : Intas

About Prexaron Plus: The drug bears the brand name of Prexaron Plus. Its main active ingredient is Citicoline/ Piracetam. It is manufactured and distributed by Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd, India. It mainly functions by stimulating a neurotransmitter that is found in the brain known as dopamine. Its receptors will in turn trigger memory. In addition, it helps by increasing chemicals in the brain thus reducing the extent of damage to the brain.

How to use Prexaron Plus

The action of the drug is relevant whenever the patient has had a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkison’s disease, amnesia, muscle spasms or dementia. In other words, it is used in the prevention, management, and control of most neurological conditions. In a few weeks, you should be able to experience relief. If you do not feel that your situation has improved, then it is time to visit you doctor so that another medicine can be prescribed for you.

Prexaron Plus Dosage

It is advisable to take one tablet orally as indicated by the doctor. The doses may be increased if you are not showing signs of improvement. This should only be made possible by the doctor. You can choose to take it before or after a meal as long as you wash it down with plenty of water. Do not crush or split is since this reduces the efficiency of the drug.

Prexaron Plus Side Effects

Expect the following side effects as you are taking the drug; vision impairment, nausea, vomiting, chest congestion, stomach cramps, and hallucinations. All these are forms of allergies and need to be reported to the doctor as soon as possible as negligence could form further damages.

Prexaron Plus Precautions

Avoid operating machinery or driving under the influence of this drug. This is because side effects such as hallucinations can impair your judgment. Instead, try and lie down after taking the drug to ease this feeling. Women that are trying to conceive are expecting, or breastfeeding should inform their doctors of the prevailing conditions so that they can prevent causing harm to their babies. Before receiving a prescription, you should inform the doctor if you are taking any vitamins or supplements. Also, if you have a medical history of chronic ailments such cardiac arrests and renal failures so that you do not end up harming your immune systems. Only take the drug as recommended by the qualified medical officer. This means that you cannot discontinue the use even after your condition has improved. You should complete the entire therapy by swallowing all the required doses. The best way to store the drug is by ensuring that the remaining tablets remain neatly covered by the blisters at room temperature. Also keep away from the reach of children. In case you suspect that someone has accidentally swallowed, rush them to the nearest emergency unit to seek treatment.

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