Cerecetam (Piracetam) - 400mg (10 Tablets)

Cerecetam (Piracetam) - 400mg (10 Tablets) P1Cerecetam (Piracetam) - 400mg (10 Tablets) P2Cerecetam (Piracetam) - 400mg (10 Tablets) P3
  • Cerecetam (Piracetam) - 400mg (10 Tablets) P1
  • Cerecetam (Piracetam) - 400mg (10 Tablets) P2
  • Cerecetam (Piracetam) - 400mg (10 Tablets) P3

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Brand Name : Cerecetam

Generic Name: Piracetam |

Manufacturer : Intas

About Cerecetam:

Piracetam (brand name Cerecetam) is a nootropic with several cognitive benefits (improves memory, creativity, motivation, and slows the brain from aging) Cerecetam which is also a psychoactive stimulant. Beneficial for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or down’s syndrome.

How to use Cerecetam

Cerecetam (Piracetam) is a nootropic that has a lot of cognitive benefits which includes improved concentration, better memory, slowing of the brain aging and improved motivation. A psychoactive stimulant that will be beneficial to for persons with Alzheimer’s disease or down’s syndrome.

Cerecetam Dosage

dosage varies based on symptoms and condition. The tablets should be taken with a glass of water

Follow all instructions laid out by your physician when using the medication. Optimum dosage varies based in the patients’ health and medical history. Also, the condition that is being treated plays a keen role in determining the dosage of the drug.

Cerecetam Side Effects

a number of patients have reported side effects while on Cerecetam (Piracetam). They are either mild or serious, and may not be experienced by all the users of the drug. If symptoms are intense or persistent, contact your physician. Symptoms may include:

Insomnia Anxiety Headache irritability Agitation Nervousness Uncontrolled movement

Cerecetam Precautions

Before taking Cerecetam (Piracetam), inform your doctor of any conditions that may affect the functions of your liver or kidney and any other cardiovascular disease.

Inform your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. And if you are on any other medication, including non-prescribed drugs such as vitamins and supplements. Also, inform him of any allergies, illness and other medical conditions.

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