Lasilactone 50 (Frusemide/Spironolactone) - 20mg/50mg (10 Tablets)

Lasilactone 50 (Frusemide/Spironolactone) - 20mg/50mg (10 Tablets) P1Lasilactone 50 (Frusemide/Spironolactone) - 20mg/50mg (10 Tablets) P2
  • Lasilactone 50 (Frusemide/Spironolactone) - 20mg/50mg (10 Tablets) P1
  • Lasilactone 50 (Frusemide/Spironolactone) - 20mg/50mg (10 Tablets) P2

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Brand Name : Lasilactone

Generic Name: Frusemide | Spironolactone |

Manufacturer : Sanofi-Aventis

About Lasilactone:

Lasilactone (Frusemide/Spironolactone) is a medicine used to treat patients suffering from low potassium symptoms, fluid retention, and hyperaldosteronism. The two active ingredients of the medicine help it achieve its function by actively reducing the loss of potassium from the patient’s body as well as eliminating excess water and sodium levels and converting them into the urine. The medicine can also be prescribed to patients suffering from high blood pressure. Frusemide is the ingredient responsible for working on fluid retention and swelling; conditions that are common to patients who have experienced liver or heart-related conditions in the past. It helps the kidney eliminate all excess water and fluids in the body and convert them to urine. This medicine is only used to control these symptoms but not to cure the conditions.

How to use Lasilactone

Lasilactone is available as capsules which should be taken with food. Swallow them with a fluid including water. Depending on your symptoms and how your doctor judges their severity, you will be prescribed different dosages. Take all capsules at least once, daily and most preferably in the morning or as your physician advises you. Remember that during your treatment; you will produce more urine and taking them late in the day would mean interrupted sleep. Read all the instructions provided by your physician and if unsure of any detail, consult your physician for more information.

Lasilactone Dosage

Lasilactone should be administered orally. The typical prescription for adults includes one tablet taken daily for a period that will be specified by the doctor during prescription. The dosage, however, can be increased to 4 tablets a day depending on how severe the symptoms are and how the body is responding to the treatment. The product should never be prescribed to children.

Lasilactone Side Effects

Most patients have registered to have experienced side effects when using this medicine though not all patients will experience the same. Some common side effects include; fever, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, vertigo, changes in vision. As soon as these side effects persist or become worse, contact your physician immediately. These are not all side effects you likely are to experience and for full information on the side effects that you should expect, talk to your physician.

Lasilactone Precautions

This medicine is not suitable for all patients. Persons with history in kidney and liver functions, persons suffering or who have ever suffered from the enlarged prostate gland, diabetes, low volume of blood circulating in the body (hypovolaemia) or low blood pressure(hypotension), inform your doctor. Elderly persons, pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as those planning to conceive should also discuss the risks of the medicine with their doctors before starting on a dosage. Children should not be prescribed this medicine and persons suffering from an insufficiency of potassium and sodium in their bodies. Patients who are allergic to any of the active ingredients in this medicine or allergic to any other medicines should inform their doctors. As soon as you experience any allergic reactions when using Lasilactone, consult your doctor and stop using the medicine immediately.

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