Gestone (Progesterone) - 50mg/mL (1mL Ampoule)

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Brand Name : Gestone

Generic Name: Progesterone |

Manufacturer : Ferring GmbH

About Gestone: Gestone (Progesterone) is a medication which is used to address the issue of menorrhagia in women. In some other problem also this medicine is used like in irregular menstrual bleeding. This medicine is also used for maintaining the early pregnancy in some of the women who have faced the miscarriage problem more than two times. It also helps in vitro fertilization. It fertilized egg into the women womb. Most of the women also face the problem at the time of lethal phase so at the stage to maintain the pregnancy this gemstone is used. But before taking this medicine, there are several things that you need to look so that it will not give any harm to the user body.

How to use Gestone

Gestone (Progesterone) is available in the injectable form which is used to maintain all menstrual bleeding-related problems. It is also used to keep the pregnancy which gets cause early. It helps the fertilization process through which an egg gets implanted into the women`s womb. In this medication, the female hormone is an active ingredient gets is involved in ovulation and regulation of menstruation. At the time of menstrual cycle, the progesterone gets formed into the body which helps in the regulation of the womb lining shedding. It also helps in its growth in the right way.

As this medicine is available in the form of the injection, when it get injected then it works to create the natural progesterone. It also helps in regularization the shedding and growth of the shedding. It also helps in egg fertility process.

Gestone Dosage

The physicians mainly give this injection, so they always take care about the right dose. Particularly 50mgmL (1mL Ampoule) gemstone is known to be an active ingredient. In the dose of this injection is depending according to the person and on its problem. To treat the huge problem of menstrual bleeding the dose is ranged between the 5mg to 10 mg.

Gestone Side Effects

The human body is different from one and another so it may be a chance of the side effects of taking this medication. If this cause any problem in your body then try to consult your physician as soon as possible. Do you know what its side effects are?

  • Cause problem in sleeping
  • Unequal face color
  • Irritation problem where the injection was injected
  • Loss of hair from the scalp
  • Increase and decrease in the body weight
  • A headache and irritation into the eyes

Gestone Precautions

Gestone (Progesterone) is good but only when it is taken under the supervision of an expert physician. This could not be self-injectable medicine. This injection should be injected carefully. This medicine is only used to treat the problems in the women, not for men. Physician guide you about what things a patient need to avoid when they are going under this treatment. This small information about gestone hope helps you a lot in taking the right treatment.

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