Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets)

Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) PPDexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) P1Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) P2Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) P3
  • Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) PP
  • Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) P1
  • Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) P2
  • Dexona (Dexamethasone) - 0.5mg (20 Tablets) P3

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Brand Name : Dexona

Generic Name: Dexamethasone |

Manufacturer : Cadila

About Dexona: Dexona (Dexamethasone) is a medicine prescribed to patients suffering from some diseases and allergies caused by inflammations. It may be used on patients suffering from arthritis, asthma, Cushing’s syndrome (as a diagnostic aid in helping to determine the actual cause of the condition), nausea, autoimmune diseases, and chemotherapy and also in helping to prevent rejection of organ transplants. The medicine can also be used for the treatment of conditions such as acute mountain sickness, skin problems and allergies, endocrine disorders and other conditions that your doctor may find this medicine suitable for. Dexona (Dexamethasone) is classified as a potent corticosteroid hormone, and this works through the altering of the immune system reaction and in the process trigger other metabolic effects. Its therapeutic effectiveness is possible since it reduces the release of chemicals that cause inflammation in the body which are released by the immune system in countering the disease.

How to use Dexona

As soon as you are prescribed to use this medication, they will be provided as 0.5mg strength tablets. Take the tablets at specific times that will be easy to remember so that you do not get to skip a dose. Remember to take the tablets orally and whole so that they may be effective. Crushing, chewing or dissolving the tablets may fasten their absorption which is not recommendable.

Dexona Dosage

Your physician will prescribe to you a dose that they will deem enough for your condition. Stick to the dosage; do not alter it without your physician’s approval. Do not use the dose for another patient or use another person’s dosage since each prescription is unique to a patient. When Dexona (Dexamethasone) is used for testing the cause of Cushing’s syndrome, a typical prescription is a dose of 0.5mg to be taken four times a day for as long as the doctor instructs. This is a 6hours interval and in most cases the dose should last for 48hours. During the treatment, avoid persons suffering from contagious infections and do not use any live vaccines.

Dexona Side Effects

If your doctor has prescribed this medicine for you, it is important to understand that there may be side effects during your treatment. Some possible reactions include sweating, development of a dryer, thinner, and discolored skin, wounds taking longer to heal, bloating or stomach pains, acne and other side effects not listed here. It is important to ask your physician more details about the possible reactions you are most likely to experience during your treatment depending on your condition and prescription. More severe side effects that are less commonly reported include weight gain, visual problems, persistent inflammation, pancreatitis a persistent cold amongst other reactions. Contact your physician as soon as you notice any signs of these reactions.

Dexona Precautions

During treatment using Dexona (Dexamethasone), you are most likely to be instructed by your physician to avoid alcoholic beverages. To avoid withdrawal symptoms after using the medicine for long, it is discouraged that you refrain from stopping the medicine at once but rather have the doctor prescribed smaller doses to you. As soon as you start your treatment using this medicine, you may be asked by your physician to carry around a tab with you that offer detailed information relating to your treatment with Dexona (Dexamethasone) medicine.

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