Decapeptyl (Triptorelin) - 0.1mg (7 Ampolues)

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Brand Name : Decapeptyl

Generic Name: Triptorelin |

Manufacturer : Ferring GmbH

About Decapeptyl : Decapeptyl (Triptorelin) - 0.1mg (7 Ampoules) is a fertility medicine that is prescribed to female patients suffering from an inability to conceive. This medicine helps women solve their fertility issues and get pregnant. The medicine works through causing a stimulation of the release of hormones known as pituitary gonadotropins. This is a hormone that is directly related to the hormonal secretions by the ovaries.

How to use Decapeptyl

Decapeptyl (Triptorelin) - 0.1mg (7 Ampoules) is available as a solution that should be injected. Your physician will inject the medicine to you, refer you to a professional health care professional that is easily accessible or even train you on how to correctly inject yourself. Before you inject yourself this medicine, ensure that you understand the full procedure well and that you are rightly informed on disposal of syringes. The frequency and amount to be injected will be determined by your doctor and should not be altered. Before injecting yourself this medicine, always check that the solution is to still useable. Check for particles or any evidence of discoloration which would be an indication that the medicine should not be used. Do not re-use a syringe needle and always dispose of them as instructed after taking every dose.

Decapeptyl Dosage

Decapeptyl (Triptorelin) - 0.1mg (7 Ampoules) should only be used by patients whom it has been prescribed by their doctors. Self-medication is not allowed, and once a dosage has been prescribed for you, it is not allowed to alter your dosage. Your physician will calculate your dosage depending on the condition you are suffering from and its severity, your current health condition, your medical history and the other medicines (prescriptions and non-prescriptions) as well as supplements or herbal products that you might be using.

Decapeptyl Side Effects

Using Decapeptyl (Triptorelin) - 0.1mg (7 Ampoules) may lead to the occurrence of some undesired side effects. Some side effects that are commonly reported by patients include hair thinning and hair loss, pain in joints or muscles, excessive vaginal dryness, hot flushes, menorrhagia. Notify your doctor immediately you experience any of these side effects, more urgently if they worsen or persist. Consult your physician about other side effects that your most likely will experience during your treatment as not all possible side effects are covered here.

Decapeptyl Precautions

This medicine is only used to help women conceive and should not be used by men, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Discuss with your doctor the risks of using Decapeptyl (Triptorelin) - 0.1mg (7 Ampoules) if you have a family history of bone weakness. If you have ever suffered from a cardiac arrest or any other condition that relates to the heart, kidneys, and liver, inform your doctor. Also, let your physician know before they have prescribed this medicine for you about your illnesses, allergies, hereditary disorders and other medicinal products that you might be using currently.

Stop this medicine immediately and consult your doctor as soon as you notice any signs of allergic reactions. These include severe chest pains, swelling of ankles, feet or other body parts due to fluid retention, difficulties in breathing or swallowing, skin rashes and hives.

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