Decapeptyl Depot (Triptorelin) - 3.75mg (1 Ampoule)

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Brand Name : Decapeptyl

Generic Name: Triptorelin |

Manufacturer : Ferring GmbH

About Decapeptyl : Decapeptyl Depot can be used to alleviate multiple diseases. For men, the drug can relieve symptoms associated with advanced prostate cancer. For women, the drug can be prescribed as a fertility boost for those who have problems conceiving. Nonetheless, a doctor can give the best advice on what to use Decapeptyl Depot (Triptorelin) for and the amount to be administered. The active ingredient in the drug is Triptorelin, it acts like the gonadotrophin hormones released in the body to stimulate the production of hormones that improve fertility. This action occurs in the pituitary gland which handles sex hormones, the drug is able to influence production and limitation of these sex hormones which result in increased fertility and sexual drive. In the same way, Triptorelin can be administered to delay premature puberty in young girls and boys. The control of sexual hormones by the drug enable it to delay the onset of early puberty by reducing the number of sex hormones produced.

How to use Decapeptyl

Decapeptyl Depot (Triptorelin) is administered through injecting and should be done under the care of a doctor. The injection is often administered in the buttocks, but over time the site should be changed periodically. Medical practitioners strongly recommend that patients get a prescription for this illness and prevent self-dosage at all cost. Physicians should be able to diagnose the patient and advice on the best dosage to suit the specific condition.

Decapeptyl Dosage

Patients are advised to follow the doctor’s instructions and dosage when taking the drug. Missing a dose might cause a slight breakthrough in undesired conditions like ovulation in women hence the importance of sticking to the dosage. Patients are also advised to complete the recommended dosage for maximum treatment. Since Decapeptyl Depot can still be administered to prevent ovulation in women, missing a dose might cause an unplanned pregnancy in which case the patient must see a doctor to know the immediate step to take.

Decapeptyl Side Effects

Using Decapeptyl Depot (Triptorelin) might lead to a couple of side effects which occur in rare circumstances. These side effects include; change in size of breasts, redness, and swelling at the extension, possible stomach upset which can lead to vomiting, loss of appetite. Patients are advised to see a doctor if these side effects occur in severity especially anything they might find unbearable.

Decapeptyl Precautions

Taking alcohol might affect the functioning of the drug in the body causing dizziness and light-headedness. Patients are advised against operating activities requiring heavy mental alertness like driving and operating machinery. The patient should also inform the doctor if they are under any other medication since some drugs may affect the working of Decapeptyl Depot in the body. Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should check first with the doctor to ensure whether it is safe to administer Decapeptyl Depot and to advice on the ideal dosage.

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