Atarax Injection (Hydroxyzine HCL) - 25mg (1x2mL)

Atarax Injection (Hydroxyzine HCL) - 25mg (1x2mL) P1Atarax Injection (Hydroxyzine HCL) - 25mg (1x2mL) P2
  • Atarax Injection (Hydroxyzine HCL) - 25mg (1x2mL) P1
  • Atarax Injection (Hydroxyzine HCL) - 25mg (1x2mL) P2

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Brand Name : Atarax

Generic Name: Hydroxyzine |

Manufacturer : UCB

About Atarax:

Atarax injection (Hydroxyzine) is a medical drug that is used on the short term to treat nervousness or tensions which are normally cause by a change of mental mood or disorders. In extreme rare cases you may find patients suffering from allergic reactions being prescribed atarax injection.

Atarax is however mainly used to treat conditions such as anxiety, delirium, alcoholism - both acute and chronic as well as hysteria. The active ingredient in atarax is hydroxyzine which is a sedative used to relieve anxiety and tension. This ingredient can also be used as an anesthesia when combined together with other drugs.

How to use Atarax

A physician will be best placed to prescribe for you a dosage that will be best for your condition and health history. It is not allowed to self-prescribe yourself atarax as doing so may have dire consequences to your health. Take accurate amounts as prescribed, do not add or reduce your dosage if not advised by your physician. Your dosage should only last for the prescribed time and do not use it beyond then since it may no longer give results. Take atarax with a glass of water and swallow the tablet whole as it is. Do not chew, split or even try to dilute it.

Atarax Dosage

As a sedative, 50-100mg of hydroxyzine is normally prescribed for adult patients with children being prescribed to take dosages of 0.6mg/kg. Depending on the condition being treated and its severity, physicians may propose different dosages for different patients. For intramuscular administration of the medicine, the physician may allow or even advise for subsequent doses to be taken orally by patients. What is important here is to correctly understand dosages prescribed to you. Do not skip a dose or during intake of the medicines, try as much as possible not to contaminate it as this may result to poor results or a lack of proper information when a responsive diagnosis is performed.

Atarax Side Effects

There are a few side effects that are common and patients would expect to experience when using atarax. They however are not to be taken lightly especially in cases where they are prolonged or worsen. Seek immediate medical attention as soon as you experience these side effects:

  • Confusion
  • Seizures
  • Uncontrolled shaking
  • Abnormal muscle movements mostly around your neck, tongue, jaw and eyes

These side effects are less serious though they too should not be ignored:

  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness or drowsiness

For a complete list of side effects, talk to your physician about side effects you are most likely to experience during treatment.

Atarax Precautions

Patients are advised to pause on alcohol when using this medicine since alcohol only worsens side effects. Pregnant women, those trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding are encouraged to talk to their doctors before using atarax. The medicine may also not be safe from people suffering from; urination, kidney and liver diseases, high blood pressure and related heart diseases, obstructive air diseases such as asthma among others. Talk to your physician about specialized care when under treatment as well as unique prescriptions.

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