Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) - 25mg (15 Tablets)

Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) - 25mg (15 Tablets) P1Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) - 25mg (15 Tablets) P2
  • Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) - 25mg (15 Tablets) P1
  • Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) - 25mg (15 Tablets) P2

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Brand Name : Atarax

Generic Name: Hydroxyzine |

Manufacturer : UCB

About Atarax: Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) is a medicine prescribed to patients as a short term solution in treating conditions linked to nervousness, tension and other mental conditions such as anxiety and dementia. This medicine is also used by others in treating patients scheduled for surgical procedures itchiness which is normally caused by allergies, and this helps maintain them. This medicine is not a cortical depressant, but its actions have been found to suppress some activities in the central nervous system mostly around the subcortical area.

How to use Atarax

Take an Atarax (Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride) tablets whole, do not crush, split or dissolve the tablets as this would reduce its effectiveness. When swallowing the tablets, use a large glass of water, and you can take it with or without food or as prescribed by your doctor. Follow the prescriptions of your doctor strictly when using the medicine.

Atarax Dosage

Every patient’s dosage of this medicine is unique, and you should only use this medicine if it has been prescribed to you by your doctor. Some of the factors that determine the amount of dose correct for an individual include; weight, health condition, medical history, the condition being treated and its severity. The starting dosage will normally be low for first-time users of the drug then this can be increased depending on how your doctor assesses your development.

Atarax Side Effects

It is normal for patients to experience side effects when using this medicine for treatment of several conditions. Some of the most common side effects include; dizziness, drowsiness, dryness of the mouth, lips and tongue and headaches. These common symptoms should not cause an alarm unless they persist or worsen then you should consult your physician immediately. Other severe side effects that should prompt for an immediate consultation with your physician include; changes in mood, problems when passing urine or fluctuating amounts of urine, tremors or shaking, changes to your vision and other side effects that may not be mentioned here.

Atarax Precautions

When using this drug, a patient may experience extra drowsiness. For this reason, it is greatly discouraged for persons under treatment using this medication not to operate machinery, drive or perform any activity that requires a high level of concentrations. It is also important to understand that the effect of alcohol during your treatment may be increased. For this reason, it is recommended to lower your intake of alcohol during your treatment program. Patients falling under the following brackets should talk to their physicians about the suitability of this medicine before starting your medication;

If you are above the age of 65 years

Are using other medication (prescribed or non-prescribed), herbal products or supplements. Take extra caution when using CNS depressant drugs which may interact with the active ingredients of this medicine

If you are trying to conceive, are pregnant or breastfeeding

If you have medical history of chronic illnesses, disorders and other conditions that may be affected by the use of this medicine

If you have known allergic or hypersensitive reactions when using any of the active ingredients in the medicine; stop this medicine as soon as you notice any sign of an allergic reaction. Some of the signs of an allergic reaction include; tight chest, difficulties in breathing or swallowing or swelling, skin rashes or hives.

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