Toba Eye Drops (Tobramycin) - 3mg (5mL)

Toba Eye Drops (Tobramycin) - 3mg (5mL) P1
  • Toba Eye Drops (Tobramycin) - 3mg (5mL) P1

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Brand Name : Toba

Generic Name: Tobramycin Sulphate |

Manufacturer : Sun Pharma

About Toba: Toba Eye Drops (Tobramycin) is an eye solution medication. It is indicated for patients suffering from bacterial infections that affect the eye not only in treatment but also in prevention of such infections. This medicine has the properties of an antibiotic and is not effective in infections that have not been caused by bacteria. Toba eye drops works by inhibition of bacteria from their normal functions, and this controls their growth and reproduction. It also has corticosteroids properties, and these are important in helping manage eye swellings that are a result of eye infections.

How to use Toba

Your physician will provide you with instructions on how to use this medicine or even demonstrate to you. You will also be provided with an instructions leaflet that you can use to clarify any point that may not have been clearly explained to you and in case you need further explanations, consult your physician. This medicine is for direct application to the eye and should not be ingested or used in any other way. Your doctor will provide you with a unique dosage. In most cases, patients are requested to apply the medicine3 or 4 times in a day at regular intervals. This gives the medicine enough time to work while providing you with an application pattern that is easy to remember, so you do not risk skipping a dose. Wash your face and eyes for any dust and let it dry. Rest your head backwards and pull down your eye’s lower lid. Point the applicator to your eye and squeeze one drop, close your eyes to apply pressure that will spread the medicine. Do this for the other eye and repeat for each dose until when the dosage is complete.

Toba Dosage

This medicine will only be prescribed to you if your doctor ascertains that the eye condition you are suffering from is caused by bacteria. If you are already suffering from a bacterial eye infection, your dosage will be higher than that of a person taking the medicine for prevention. Strictly follow the dosage given to you and do not alter it unless it is your physician that has instructed so. Each prescription is unique, and you should not share this medicine with another patient, even if you both suffer from the same conditions.

Toba Side Effects

Inform your physician if you experience any signs of side effects. Commonly reported side effects include redness of the eye, irritation or itchiness of the eye, glaucoma, eye discomforts, symptoms of eye fungal infections and cataracts. Though these should fade with time, consult your physician incase they persist or worsen. Other less common but severe side effects that are possible to experience include vision changes, discharges from the eye, eye swelling, pain or any other side effect that is not reported here. Your physician will provide you with more information about side effects and how to handle them effectively.

Toba Precautions

This medicine may not be suitable for use on different patients, talk to your doctor about;

Your pregnancy, intentions to get pregnant or if you are breastfeeding

Your health conditions or diseases that are as a result of dysfunctional liver, kidney or heart

Your medical history, hereditary diseases or disorders

Other medicine that you are taking including prescription, non-prescription, herbal products or supplements

Allergies and the risk of experiencing allergic reactions during treatment