Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) - 80mg/480mg (6 Tablets)

Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) - 80mg/480mg (6 Tablets) P1Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) - 80mg/480mg (6 Tablets) P2
  • Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) - 80mg/480mg (6 Tablets) P1
  • Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) - 80mg/480mg (6 Tablets) P2

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Brand Name : Rezatrin Forte

Generic Name: Lumefantrine | Artemether |

Manufacturer : Shreya

About Rezatrin Forte: Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) are taken in the form of tablets administered orally. Each tablet is uncoated containing 80milligrams of artemether and 480 milligrams of lumefantrine. This medication is very effective in the treatment of acute malaria. The two active ingredients in the drug work together in inhibiting the synthesis of protein by the parasite and in the process, eliminates the infection. Lumefantrine is one of the active ingredients in the drug and is responsible for stopping the production of B-hematin that supports the survival of the parasite. The other active ingredient, Artemether works immediately upon ingestion acting on the malaria parasites directly. It targets the blood schizonts within the parasite hence destroying it completely.

How to use Rezatrin Forte

Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) tablets can be taken whole or crushed and dissolved into a little water when administering. This medication should be taken along with a meal after administering. Patients with allergic reactions should contact a physician to determine whether this medication is safe to use.

Rezatrin Forte Dosage

Patients are strongly recommended to stick to a doctor’s prescription when takin Rezatrin Forte tablets in order to allow for the best means of treatment by the drug. Dosage given is varied for different conditions and symptoms observed. If a patient misses a dose, they should take the dose as soon as possible unless a long time has passed since missing the dose then they should miss the dose to avoid overdosing. In the event of an over dose, the patient should contact a physician as soon as possible to advise on the best course of action to prevent any adverse effects. If the patient vomits before two hours are over since administering, they should take the drug again. If this persists, they should contact a doctor to provide a better treatment procedure avoiding risk.

Rezatrin Forte Side Effects

Using Rezatrin Forte (Artemether/Lumefantrine) tablets may cause some possible side effects. Although these side effects are not fatal, patients should keep in touch with a doctor to assist with any uneasiness or discomfort. These side effects include the following; poor appetite, loss of sleep, dizziness, sore muscles and joints and feeling of weakness.

Rezatrin Forte Precautions

It is important to note that Rezatrin Forte tablets are not used for the prevention of malaria but only in the treatment. This medication is best prescribed on its own since it is known to affect other anti-malarial medication. Grape juice is also known to affect the functioning of this drug and should be avoided when administering. Individuals under any medication, supplements, herbal products or over-the-counter drugs should consult a doctor to advise on the best way to undertake this treatment. Physicians discourage the use of the drug if it leads to skin conditions and rashes or any swelling on the skin.