Perinorm (Metoclopramide HCL) - 10mg (10 Tablets)

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  • Perinorm (Metoclopramide HCL) - 10mg (20 Tablets) p2

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Brand Name : Perinorm

Generic Name: Metoclopramide |

Manufacturer : Intas

About Perinorm: Perinorm (Metoclopramide HCL) tablets are ingested orally. They are white in colour with the label “Perinorm” on one side and “ANI 10” on the other side. Each tablet contains 10 milligrams of the active ingredient in the drug; Metoclopramide. The substance works very effectively in relieving heartburn caused by other gastrointestinal conditions. This medication is also widely used in the treatment of slow stomach emptying which is common with diabetes patients. It works by inhibiting dopamine released in the body leading to ease of movement in the upper intestine encouraging smooth gastro emptying. The drug also alleviates symptoms brought by these gastrointestinal conditions including the following; vomiting, nausea, and fullness of the stomach or abdomen.

How to use Perinorm

Perinorm (Metoclopramide HCL) tablets are taken a whole with a glass of water or swallowed bare. The drug should not be broken or chewed to prevent poor absorption of the drug into the system. This medication should be taken sometime before meals and also when the patients want relief from heartburn. Normally, the drug is prescribed to be administered four times in a day, however, individuals are encouraged to consult a doctor to provide the best treatment dosage for specific conditions. For instance, diabetes patients seeking relief from gastroparesis are prescribed the drug for 2 to 8 weeks.

Perinorm Dosage

When administering the drug, the patient should make sure that their hands are not wet to prevent tampering with the tablet. Patients are strongly advised to follow a doctor’s prescription when taking this medication to provide with the best chance of receiving treatment that is condition-specific. This prescription of this medication should be completed by the user of the drug in order to ensure maximum treatment from the medication. Patients are encouraged to take the drug around the same time every day to encourage remembering the dose. In case of an overdose, the individual must contact a doctor to advise on the best step of action.

Perinorm Side Effects

Using Perinorm (Metoclopramide HCL) tablets can cause possible side effects. These side effects include the following; shaking of arms and legs, unusual muscle movements, uncontrollable facial movements, perspiration, stiff muscles, exhaustion, fever, depressed mood. Although these side effects don’t occur in severity, patients are advised to see a doctor if they feel uncomfortable.

Perinorm Precautions

Self-medication is highly discouraged by medical practitioners since it may lead to over dosing and other adverse effects. High doses or extended periods of use of the drug can lead to major movement conditions like tardive dyskinesia that may affect day-to-day life. Individuals with allergic reactions should consult a doctor before using the drug to avoid risk situations. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should as well see a doctor to advise on the safety of using this medication in their condition.

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