P-Carzine (Procarbazine HCL) - 50mg (50 Capsules)

P-Carzine (Procarbazine HCL) - 50mg (50 Capsules) P1
  • P-Carzine (Procarbazine HCL) - 50mg (50 Capsules) P1

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Brand Name : P-Carzine

Generic Name: Procarbazine |

Manufacturer : Alkem

About P-Carzine: P-Carzine (Procarbazine HCL) - 50mg (50 Capsules) is a medication that is prescribed for the treatment of Hodgkin’s disease or popularly known as cancer of the lymph nodes. This medicine works through prevention of reproduction cells, and this ensures that their spread and growth is limited. This also allows for other body procedures to work on the cancerous cells, reducing their effectiveness and even killing them. This helps treatment of various conditions including tumors such as solid and brain tumors. This medicine may be prescribed for the treatment of other conditions that have not been listed here.

How to use P-Carzine

You should adhere to the instructions passed on to you by your physician on using P-Carzine (Procarbazine HCL) - 50mg (50 Capsules). The medicine comes as tablets that should be administered orally. Swallow the tablets whole without splitting, crushing, chewing or dissolving the contents of the capsules to avoid affecting the effectiveness of the ingredients. To aid the absorption of the capsules, it is recommended that you take the tablets with a full glass of water. If your doctor has not specified, you may take the dosage with or without food depending on your own preference. However if you more often than not experience nausea after taking tablets, it is important to take your dosage with food. If you have any questions about the administration of this medicine, be sure to ask your physician.

P-Carzine Dosage

Your doctor may be required to perform tests before prescribing to you a dosage. This is important especially in determining your health conditions, which is among important determinant factors in calculations of dosages. Your doctor will also use information such as your medical history and other medicines that you are using including prescriptions, non-prescriptions, supplements and herbal. Your prescription will also be dependent on the condition you are treating and its severity. These considerations make every dosage unique to a patient and hence dosages should not be shared or taken without consent from a doctor.

P-Carzine Side Effects

When using P-Carzine (Procarbazine HCL) - 50mg (50 Capsules) side effects may occur. Some commonly experienced side effects include headaches, temporal hair loss, increased frequency of urination, disruption of menstrual cycles, skin itchiness, mild skin irritation, dizziness, drowsiness, mouth dryness, vomiting, nausea, constipation, stomach upsets, and constipation. If these side effects persist or worsen, seek immediate consultation with your doctor. There are other severe side effects that you may experience, and these include bloody stools, mouth sores, hallucinations, tremors, jaundice, vomiting, tremors, excess chest pains, watery diarrhea, and symptoms of flu, numbness and seizures. Contact your doctor immediately you notice any of these side effects or report to the ER.

P-Carzine Precautions

P-Carzine (Procarbazine HCL) - 50mg (50 Capsules) affects the level of blood cells in the body. This leaves patients using this medicine vulnerable to infections and should keep off persons suffering from contagious infections. During treatment, your doctor may closely supervise you and occasionally schedule appointments to perform blood tests on you. It is important to adhere strictly to recommendations by your doctor.

This medicine may not be suitable for patients suffering from allergies, pregnant women, those who are trying to conceive or are breastfeeding. Discuss with your doctor about the risks of this medicine before commencing on treatment.