Mucopain Gel (Benzocaine) - 20% (15g)

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Brand Name : Mucopain

Generic Name: Benzocaine |

Manufacturer : Ipca Laboratories

About Mucopain: This topical anesthetic gel contains 15g of benzocaine as the active ingredient. Benzocaine, just like other local anesthetics, works by deadening the nerve endings on the skin where it has been applied. It works instantly which explains its popularity for treating insect bites, contact with poison ivy, itching or skin irritation, sunburn, sore throat, vaginal or rectal irritation, hemorrhoids, and ingrown toenails and other minor discomfort and pain. Mucopain Gel can also be used on children to alleviate teething pain. Often, medical professionals use it to numb the surfaces in the mouth, nose, throat, rectum or vagina to reduce the pain of inserting medical instruments.

How to use Mucopain

Mucopain gel is directly rubbed onto the target area to provide anesthetic effects. Always wash your hands before administering the medication and also after. This will prevent it from spreading to unwanted areas of the body. For application, use a thin layer of Mucopain Gel to the affected area and gently rub and massage it until it disappears. Leave any excess to be dried up by the air. Close the tube cap immediately after squeezing the required amount to prevent it from hardening. Make sure you don’t use the gel on large areas of the body. Do not apply heat to the treated area unless instructed by a doctor. Also, avoid covering the treated area with plastic or waterproof bandages.

Mucopain Dosage

This drug can be purchased over the counter although the doctor can give you a prescription for certain conditions like eczema. Follow the instructions on the package or the doctor’s prescription for best results. Mucopain Gel can be used up to four times a day. If your condition persists after constant treatment, consult with your physician.

Mucopain Side Effects

Side effects are rare for this drug although they can occur sometimes. They include mild skin rash, a hot burning sensation and blood disorders. Seek medical attention if the side effects aren’t going away or are getting worse.

Mucopain Precautions

Avoid getting the medicine in your eyes, nose or mouth and if it happens, wash the area with a lot of running water. If you experience an allergic reaction characterized by skin rash, swelling, difficulty in breathing and swallowing and hives, seek emergency medical assistance. Inform the doctor of any medication you are taking, including OTC and dietary supplements, to prevent negative interactions with other drugs. Women who are pregnant, trying to conceive or are breastfeeding should also consult with their physician to discuss if Mucopain Gel is safe for use.

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