Megabrom Eye Drops (Bromfenac) - 0.09% (5mL)

Megabrom Eye Drops (Bromfenac) - 0.09% (5mL) P1
  • Megabrom Eye Drops (Bromfenac) - 0.09% (5mL) P1

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Brand Name : Megabrom

Generic Name: Bromfenac |

Manufacturer : Sun Pharma

About Megabrom: Megabrom Eye Drops (Bromfenac) - 0.09% (5mL) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for ophthalmic (eye) purposes. It is usually prescribed after cataract surgery for treatment of swelling, pain, and inflammation. Megabrom eye drops can also be used to treat injuries to the eye and ocular pain. It works by reducing inflammation that subsequently alleviates irritation, pain, and discomfort. The active ingredient, Bromfenac, blocks prostaglandin synthesis to reduce inflammation. This drug can be prescribed for other conditions not listed here.

How to use Megabrom

You should use Megabrom Eye Drops (Bromfenac) according to the doctor’s instruction to ensure best results. Wash your hands before using this medication to remove any dirt that could cause infection. Before using the medicine, shake the bottle to mix the solution. Make sure the solution is not cloudy or discolored as this may be a sign of contamination. Tilt your head back to apply the drops, hold down the lower eyelid of the affected eye, hold the bottle above the eye and use one drop. After dispensing the single drop, close the eyelids slowly and keep them shut for about 10 seconds to allow the medicine to spread. Wash your hands after administering the drug to prevent contact by mucous membranes, e.g. nose, throat, and mouth.

Megabrom Dosage

The usual dosage is one drop administered once a day although the doctor can give different instructions depending on the condition and severity. It is commonly prescribed before sleeping. Make sure the medicine spreads evenly. The doctor may instruct you to apply pressure inside the eye’s corner to prevent it moving into the tear duct. Contact your doctor if you use more than the prescribed amount.

Megabrom Side Effects

Megabrom Eye Drops (Bromfenac) has some unwanted side effects that include; a headache, visual disturbance, heightened sensitivity to light, pain, mild irritation and a burning sensation in the eye. There also exists other rare side effects such as swelling of the eye, loss of vision, severe redness and pain of the eye, slow healing after surgery and discharge from the eye. In case you experience any side effects, contact your doctor for medical attention.

Megabrom Precautions

Remove your contact lenses before applying the medicine to prevent unwanted side effects and contamination. If you have an allergy to Megabrom or any other NSAID drugs, inform your doctor beforehand. Also, if you have any of these conditions; rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, asthma, clotting disorders, dry eyes or have undergone eye surgery in the past, tell your doctor so that the dosage can be reduced for best results. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should also inform the doctor before starting medication.