Lithicarb (Lithium Carbonate) - 400mg (100 Tablets)

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Brand Name : Lithicarb FC

Generic Name: Lithium Carbonate |

Manufacturer : Pacific

About Lithicarb FC: The main brand name for this drug is Lithicard FC. Its main active ingredient is Lithium Carbonate. It is processed under a company known as Mylan that is based in New Zealand. Both men and women can use the drug. It occurs as a 400mg tablet that is taken orally.

How to use Lithicarb FC

For the past 20 years, Lithium has been used by patients to control panic attacks, mania, and depression. It is described as salt rather than a sedative nor a tranquilizer. Therefore, it does not expose the user to any forms of addiction. It also means that once the therapy is completed, the user may not experience any withdrawal symptoms. It can be combined by other drugs to make it more effective.

Lithicarb FC Dosage

The best way to take these drugs is through the mouth using a full glass of water. The best time is early in the morning and at night. It is advisable to take it after a heavy meal to reduce the side effects. Continue to take the drugs until the doctor instructs you to stop.

Before getting a prescription for this drug, you need to undergo various tests to assess the contents in your blood. This means that the doses can vary depending on the blood test results. Even though you may obtain numerous tablets, this does not entirely mean that your condition is severe.

Lithicarb FC Side Effects

The patients may manifest the following side effects; vomiting, runny stomach, dizziness, and headaches. These conditions are caused by the presence of excess lithium in the bloodstream.

In case you experience severe side effects that you have never felt before, it could be a clear indication that there is more Lithium in your bloodstream.

Lithicarb FC Precautions

An observation of a patient that is taking the drug reveals that during the acute manic phase, the body can tolerate the drug. However, this condition tends to decrease as soon as the manic symptoms continue to reduce.

The users should ensure that they watch what they eat. This means that they should take in enough salts and enough fluids to maintain balance in the body.

A medical history of heart failure can worsen the side effects since the drug causes a lot of water retention. In case you realize that you may have gained a lot of weight, then you should consider telling your doctor as well.

Discontinue use of this drug if you have suffered from liver problems. Any active liver malfunction may hinder the response to this drug.

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