Imutrex (Methotrexate) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets)

Imutrex (Methotrexate) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets) P1Imutrex (Methotrexate) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets) P2
  • Imutrex (Methotrexate) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets) P1
  • Imutrex (Methotrexate) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets) P2

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Brand Name : Imutrex

Generic Name: Methotrexate |

Manufacturer : Cipla

About Imutrex: Imutrex (Methotrexate) is indicated to patients suffering from different types of cancers which include skin, neck, lung and breast cancers. In some cases, this medicine may also be prescribed to patients to treat psoriasis and symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis. This medicine works as an inhibitor specifically of the enzyme commonly referred to as dihydrofolate reductase which is used by cancerous cells to multiply and divide. Blocking the activities of this enzyme means that the cancer cells cannot grow anymore, and this allows the body’s immune system to counter them and eventually eliminate them completely from the body.

How to use Imutrex

This medicine is should only be used as per the prescriptions by the doctor. The medication is available in tablets, and it comes with an instruction label which should help you understand how to use Imutrex (Methotrexate) if it’s your first time to have them prescribed to you. The medicine in most normal cases should be taken at least once or twice each week. Take the medicine as your physician instructs you. You can take the medicine with or without food but remember to take a glass of water with each dose you administer. Swallow the tablets whole without chewing or crushing them or even splitting or trying to dissolve the contents as this would lead to a fast absorption in the body which would reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.

Imutrex Dosage

Self-medicating is greatly discouraged when using this medicine. Your doctor will perform tests on you to determine the severity of your condition which is an important consideration before prescribing a dose. Other factors that are used to give an in-depth analysis on the amount of dose that will be enough to treat your condition include your medical history, your personal health and other types of medicines that you are using that is if there are any. These might range from prescriptions to non-prescriptions, herbal products, and supplements. Your dosage may be altered depending on how you respond to your treatment. Do not lower your dosage if your symptoms improve before the dose is over or do not increase the dosage if you have used the medicine for a while without noticing any improvements. All alterations of the dosage should be prescribed by your doctor.

Imutrex Side Effects

It is normal for persons using this medicine to experience some unwanted side effects. The rare but severe side effects are fever, white stores developing inside the mouth, bruising and easy bleeding, bloody stools or/and urine, yellowing of the skin or eyes. These should be reported to your doctor immediately you notice any sign of them. Minor side effects which should stop with continued use of the medicine include blurry vision, dizziness, and fatigue, bleeding gums among other side effects that have not been listed here. These should not worry you much unless they persist or become worse then you should seek your doctor’s attention immediately.

Imutrex Precautions

This medicine is not suitable under whatever circumstances for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you are trying to get pregnant, talk to your physician about the risks and alternative considerations. During your treatment using this medicine, you are advised to avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages which may affect your condition.