Herpex 5 (Aciclovir) - 5% (5g Cream)

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Brand Name : Herpex 5

Generic Name: Aciclovir |

Manufacturer :

About Herpex 5: Herpex 5 Cream (Acyclovir) is a medicine indicated to treat symptoms caused by different conditions such as genital herpes; cold sores also known as herpes labialis and herpes zoster. This medicine is classified as a topical antiviral and works by inhibiting varicella zoster viruses and herpes simplex. The active ingredient for this cream is a nucleoside analog. Its main procedure of action is through inhibition of polymerase which is a viral DNA, which the herpes virus uses in replicating itself and growing further. So through this inhibition, the viral DNA chains are suppressed from further growth and hence the growth of the virus controlled. With a weak and non-growing virus, the body can fight this infection. It should be noted however that this cream is only used to alleviate the symptoms but not cure the condition. Check with your physician about other medicine that can cure the virus.

How to use Herpex 5

This medicine is strictly for external application and at no particular point should it be ingested. Your doctor will provide you with instructions on how to use this medicine. You also will get an instructions leaflet, and you are expected to comply fully with given instructions on dosage and application. For effectiveness of the medicine, start your treatment as soon as you notice any symptoms. Wash the area of application well and let it dry before applying the cream. Do not use large quantities of this medicine as it may lead to the development of complicated health conditions. Also, use the medicine for as long as instructed by your physician and do not extend even if the medicine is not over but are through with your prescribed dosage.

Herpex 5 Dosage

Your physician will prescribe a unique dosage to you depending on your condition, its severity, your medical history, health condition and responsiveness to treatment. Do not use another person’s dosage even if you both suffer from the same conditions. For an adult suffering from herpes simplex symptoms, it is typical for a patient to be instructed to apply the cream after every 3 hours as many as six times a day depending on how the doctor assesses your condition. Most dosages last for seven days, but it is not unfamiliar for doctors to prescribed dosages lasting longer than this.

Herpex 5 Side Effects

Before using Herpex 5, you should take note that it’s possible for unwanted side effects to occur. These are just some common side effects that you may experience; redness of the area where you apply the cream, dry and flaky skin, sense of irritation and a stinging sensation. These should fade with continued use of the cream but if they persist, worsen or you get to experience the occurrence of any other severe side effects, consult your physician for the required treatment.

Herpex 5 Precautions

During application, ensure that the cream does not come into contact with your nose, eyes or mouth. In case it accidentally does, rinse the area with plenty of clean water and seek immediate medical attention. Remember that the use of this medicine does not prevent you from infecting others with herpes. Take the necessary precautions to ensure that you do not infect others with this highly contagious virus.

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