Glyciphage (Metformin) - 500mg (20 Tablets)

Glyciphage (Metformin) - 500mg (20 Tablets) P1
  • Glyciphage (Metformin) - 500mg (20 Tablets) P1

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Brand Name : Glyciphage

Generic Name: Metformin |

Manufacturer : Franco-Indian

About Glyciphage: Glyciphage (Metformin Hydrochloride) is a medicine that is prescribed to patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. The medicine works by helping keep in range blood glucose levels for patients under treatment through regulating the amount of glucose which is produced by the liver. The medicine has also been found effective as a minor weight loss option. This it does though lowering of blood fat levels and consequently lead to reduced weight.

How to use Glyciphage

You should take Glucophage with a meal or as your doctor prescribes. The medicine is available in tablets and mostly forms part of the therapy with exercise and dieting being also recommended for full recovery. Do not crush, chew or split the tablets as this will only cause too much of the tablet to be released at once. This may affect its effectiveness in treating your condition. During treatment, your doctor will need to check your blood sugar levels constantly. Visit your doctor regularly as these tests are important in determining how your body is responding to treatment. Your physician may also require you to stop the medicine for a while depending on how your body is responding to the medicine, strictly adhere to all instructions by your doctor.

Glyciphage Dosage

Normally, Glucophage is given in doses that should be taken together with meals. For a typical adult with moderately severe conditions, a daily dose of one tablet is prescribed then this can be increased with time. The dose should be taken with the evening meal. Your physician will then be able to determine the effectiveness of the medicine then prescribe a new dose depending on the perceived effectiveness. Your doctor may prescribe B12 vitamins to take with your dosage, ensure that you take the right amount as prescribed.

Glyciphage Side Effects

Most patients may not be tolerant to the medicine and may get to experience undesired side effects. Some common side effects include; diarrhea, stomach upsets nausea or even vomiting, symptoms of low blood sugar also known as hypoglycemia, increased appetite or abnormal hunger, abnormal shaking, dizziness, lightheadedness among others. If any of these symptoms persist or become worse, consult your physician. They should otherwise not cause panic as they most likely will fade with continued medication. Call your physician immediately you experience any signs of lactic acidosis which is the most severe side effect. This life-threatening side effect is mostly common to persons with a history of liver or kidney conditions. Other severe side effects are very rare though your physician will talk more about side effects during your treatment.

Glyciphage Precautions

Due to the likelihood of occurrence of lactic acidosis, patients with liver and kidney problems should talk to their physicians about their conditions before starting with this medicine for their treatment. Persons that drink excessive amounts of alcohol, pregnant or breastfeeding women, those trying to get pregnant or persons with known allergic conditions should discuss with their physicians about the risks before starting to use the medicine. If you are using other medication (prescription and non-prescription), supplements or herbal products, notify your physician. The intake of Glyciphage (Metformin Hydrochloride) as a combination with insulin or pills used for the treatment of diabetes may lead to the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

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