Genticyn Eye Drops (Gentamicin) - 0.3% (10mL)

Genticyn Eye Drops (Gentamicin) - 0.3% (10mL) P1
  • Genticyn Eye Drops (Gentamicin) - 0.3% (10mL) P1

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Brand Name : Genticyn

Generic Name: Gentamicin |

Manufacturer : Allergan

About Genticyn: Genticyn Eye Drops (Gentamicin) defines a solution prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from eye-related infections. It is most commonly used and highly effective for infections that have resulted from injuries or conjunctivitis. Genticyn eye drops can be classified as an aminoglycoside which prevents bacteria from reproducing and growing further. This it does by impairing the ability of bacteria to produce proteins which define a short life span for the bacteria and limited growth. The medicine does more than just treating the infections; it also helps alleviate symptoms caused by the condition which includes itchiness, irritation, and inflammation.

How to use Genticyn

Genticyn is available as a liquid solution. You should not use this medicine if it has not been prescribed to you by a physician. Before using the medicine, check to ensure that it has not reached its expiry date. Once you confirm this, wash your hands to avoid contamination of the medicine during application. Shake the bottle well to dilute the solution. Tilt your head backwards and open wide the eye that you intend to treat. Use one hand to hold the lower eyelid and use the other to hold the solution. With the dropper well placed above your eye, squeeze out the number of prescribed drops to the open eye. Close your eye immediately and press it gently to prevent the medicine flowing into your tear ducts and out of the eyes. Wait for 1 or 2 minutes then repeat the procedure for the other eye. Always remember to wash your hands after applying each dose.

Genticyn Dosage

A typical prescription for an adult with an eye infection is a drop of the solution which is to be applied at regular intervals of 4 to 8 hours. Prescriptions may differ depending on a patient’s condition, and you should consult your physician for the correct dosage and length of your treatment. When using this medicine, do not wear contact lenses.

Genticyn Side Effects

Most patients using Genticyn eye drops may not necessarily experience the occurrence of any side effects. There are those patients who may not be able to tolerate the medicine and may experience a few side effects. The most common include; burning sensations in the eyes, stinging sensation, itchiness, and irritation. Though the occurrence of the above side effects may seem normal, you should consult your physician as soon as these symptoms persist or worsen. Consult your physician for more details about side effects. They are better positioned to advice on the same depending on the severity of your condition and the doses they indicate to you. If you experience any abnormal occurrence when using the medicine, consult your physician immediately.

Genticyn Precautions

Genticyn eye drops may only be suitable for use for a period not exceeding a month from the date the bottle was opened. If a month passes with the dose not over, discard the solution, get a new bottle and continue with your dose until completion. Elderly patients may not be suited to use this medicine. Do not use this medicine if you have known allergies for any of its active ingredients. Call your physician as soon as you notice any signs of allergic reactions and stop using the medicine immediately.

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