Geftib (Gefitinib) - 250mg (30 Tablets)

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  • Geftib (Gefitinib) - 250mg (30 Tablets) P1

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Brand Name : Geftib

Generic Name: Gefitinib |

Manufacturer : Glenmark

About Geftib: Geftib (Gefitinib) - 250mg (30 Tablets) defines a medicine that is prescribed for the treatment of lung cancer. The medicine has proven effective in preventing growth and further reproduction of cancerous cells hence slowing down the spread of cancer. It basically works by blocking the actions of an enzyme known as tyrosine kinase which is used by cancer cells for their growth. In most cases, physicians prescribe this medicine to patients who have tried unsuccessfully other cancer treatment. Your physician may prescribe this medicine for treatment of a different condition other than what is listed here.

How to use Geftib

Your doctor will direct you on how to take the medicine. Geftib (Gefitinib) - 250mg (30 Tablets) is available as tablets and should only be taken orally. With each dose, ensure that you take a full glass of water. You may choose to take the tablets with or without food, depending on your own preference if your doctor has not given you specific instructions about this. The tablets may be large and practically not possible to swallow for some patients. In such instances, it is allowed to dissolve the tablets in water then take the medicine as a liquid solution after ten minutes. Do not chew the tablets, split or crush them.

Geftib Dosage

For the correct dosage of Geftib (Gefitinib) - 250mg (30 Tablets), consult your doctor. This medicine should not be self-medicated as this may lead to ineffectiveness or undesired health effects. Your doctor will factor in your condition, its severity, your health condition and whether or not you are using other medicine before prescribing for you a dosage. You are advised to adhere strictly to the given dosage. Do not skip a dose or alter your dosage, regardless of how your condition responds to treatment.

Geftib Side Effects

Patients using Geftib (Gefitinib) - 250mg (30 Tablets) for treatment may experience undesired side effects. Commonly reported side effects include rashes, sore throat, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, acne, general weakness of the body. These should not cause major worries as most often than not, they fade with continued use of the medicine. There are other severe side effects that should be reported immediately to the doctor as soon as they are noticed, and these include coughing, irritation of the eyes, abnormal bleeding and dehydration, swelling of ankles and feet due to fluid retention, fever and experienced difficulties in breathing or swallowing. Discuss with your doctor about other possible side effects that may not have been featured here.

Geftib Precautions

The use of Geftib (Gefitinib) - 250mg (30 Tablets) may have an effect on the functionality of your liver. It is thus important to attend the scheduled appointments by your doctor for conducting blood tests to ascertain the functionality of your liver. This medicine may not be suitable for all patients, before starting your medication, consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, have known allergies or other health problems. Inform your doctor about other medicines (prescriptions and non-prescriptions), supplements and herbal products that you are currently using before proceeding with treatment.

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