Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) - 50mg (10 Tablets)

Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) - 50mg (10 Tablets) P1
  • Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) - 50mg (10 Tablets) P1

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Brand Name : Fluvoxin

Generic Name: Fluvoxamine |

Manufacturer : Sun Pharma

About Fluvoxin: Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) is a medicinal drug that is prescribed to patients suffering from symptoms of OCD or otherwise known as obsessive compulsive disorder. This medicine is categorized as a SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) although it has a different chemical series that makes it stand out from other medicines classified as SSRI. Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) works by acting on brain neurons. It alleviates symptoms of OCD which is also referred to as anxiety disorder and is characterized by repeated thoughts, compulsive or obsessive rituals such as repeated hand washing and sensations. This medicine can also be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and major depressive disorder as well as anxiety. Your physician may also prescribe it for you to treat other conditions possibly not listed here.

How to use Fluvoxin

Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) is available as tablets that should always be taken orally. The medicine in most cases is used as part of a treatment program that includes different approaches such as therapy and exercise. Treatment using this medicine may have an impact on your social life, especially in early stages. The tablets, when taken wholly as instructed by your physician, will help normalize chemical activities in your body by increasing serotonin levels through inhibition of uptake of the same chemical.

Fluvoxin Dosage

Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) comes in 50mg, and 100mg strength tablets and your physician will advise you on which type to use. For most adults treating mild OCD symptoms, a daily dosage of 50mg is prescribed and is normally taken during the night. Based on your progress, it is possible for your doctor to titrate and increase your dosage by 50mg and at intervals of between 4 and seven days. For any dosage that is 100mg or more, two separate doses will be required to administer it. Doctors will always try to keep your dosage as low as possible hence frequent check-ups on your progress may be required. This will help your doctor decide on whether to lower or increase your dose depending on how your symptoms are improving or body reacting to medication.

Fluvoxin Side Effects

During treatment, you may experience reactions when using this medicine. Some common reactions include decreased sex drive, increased rates of perspiration, abnormal weight fluctuations, poor memory and insomnia. If these side effects persist or even worsen, consult your doctor immediately. Also, notify your doctor as early as possible if you notice any of these severe side effects; abnormal and uncontrolled muscle movements, unexplainable excitement, nose bleeding, unusual facial or other body part movements, twitches and other serious side effects that may not have been referenced here.

Fluvoxin Precautions

This medicine may have an effect in how your body metabolizes caffeine, and this normally leads to nausea and shaking. For this reason, it is greatly encouraged that you avoid beverages including coffee and tea during your treatment. A patient’s family should be well educated about the risks associated with the use of this medicine which includes increasing suicidal thoughts. They should hence be in a position to handle you in instances where such-like effects are evident.

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Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) - 100mg (10 Tablets)

Fluvoxin (Fluvoxamine) - 100mg (10 Tablets)

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