Fiprofort Plus (Fipronil/S-Methoprene) - 9.8%w/w/8.8%w/w (1.34mL x 3 Pipettes)(Medium dog 10-20kg)

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Brand Name : Fiprofort Plus

Generic Name: Fipronil | S-Methoprene |

Manufacturer : Sava Medical

About Fiprofort Plus: Fiprofort Plus (Fipronil/S-Methoprene) is a pesticide for pets which neutralizes fleas and ticks. This is achieved by disrupting the central nervous system functioning of the insects.

How to use Fiprofort Plus

Fiprofort Plus (Fipronil/S-Methoprene) is a pesticide for pets which neutralizes fleas and ticks. This is achieved by disrupting the central nervous system functioning of the insects. It is used for the treatment of dogs, and there is also a formula available which is specially designed for use in cats and kittens ages 8 weeks or more. This insecticide is a combination of 2 separate ingredients that complement each other so as to provide maximum protection against fleas, ticks (including the paralysis tick ixodes holocyclus) and biting lice (trichodectes canis) as well as other pests.

Fipronil is a pesticide which is classified as a phenylpyrazole. Its mode of action involves interacting with a neurotransmitter called GABA (an abbreviation for gamma-amino butyric acid) in the chloride channels of the insect`s central nervous system. As a result of this, toxicity of the central nervous system occurs, and normal functioning is disrupted. Contact with or ingestion of this substance results in the death of the insects. The onset is rapid, and within 24 to 48 hours, fleas and lice can be killed.

Killing adult fleas can help to control the infestation, however, it is not sufficient to break their life cycle. This is because the fleas may have laid eggs. To combat this, s-methoprene (a type of insect growth regulator) is added so as to effectively break the life cycle of the pests. It functions similarly to an insect hormone, and prevents the immature insects from developing into adults. It can also prevent egg hatching. As a result of this, re-infestation after the adult fleas have been killed is prevented, allowing for effective control. After application, this product remains effective for up to one month.

Fiprofort Plus Dosage

Fiprofort Plus (Fipronil/S-Methoprene) is available in various different strengths. The 0.5ml pipettes are used for the treatment of cats or kittens which are 8 weeks of age or more. In addition to this, there are 0.67ml pipettes which are best suited for small dogs (up to 10kg in body weight). The 1.34ml pipettes are indicated for medium range dogs (10kg to 20kg body weight), the 2.68ml pipettes are used on large dogs (20kg to 40kg), and finally, the 4.02ml version is for extra large dogs (40kg to 60kg).

Before you treat your pet, ensure that you seek advice from a veterinarian on the best available treatment options. In general, veterinarians direct owners to apply one full pipette per application. It should be squeezed directly onto the skin on the back. You can gently pull the hair or fur apart so as to expose the skin. The frequency of application can vary. Veterinarians normally recommend that cats be treated once per month. Owners of dogs being treated for fleas may be directed to treat their animal once per month. If control of paralysis ticks is required, the veterinarian may recommend treatment every 2 weeks.

Fiprofort Plus Side Effects

Veterinarians usually consider Fiprofort Plus (Fipronil/S-Methoprene) safe if used exactly as directed and if proper precautions are taken. Should your dog or cat be affected by itchy skin or any other side effects, it should be taken to the veterinarian.

Fiprofort Plus Precautions

Fiprofort Plus (Fipronil/S-Methoprene) can be harmful to humans. Do not let it touch your eyes or skin, and remember that immediate medical attention will be needed if accidental ingestion occurs. If it gets on your hands, wash them so as to ensure that irritation does not occur.

After you treat your dog or cat, do not allow it to lick itself until the solution is dry. Also, ensure that other animals do not lick any pets which have been treated. This will help to ensure that no pets accidentally consume it.