Fempro (Letrozole) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets)

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  • Fempro (Letrozole) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets) P1
  • Fempro (Letrozole) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets) P2
  • Fempro (Letrozole) - 2.5mg (10 Tablets) P3

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Brand Name : Fempro

Generic Name: Letrozole |

Manufacturer : Cipla

About Fempro: Fempro (Letrozole) is a medicine prescribed to women in their post-menopause age and is used to treat breast cancer. This medicine is strictly for use by women who do not experience periods; either due to chemotherapy, surgery, naturally or other reasons. The drug belongs to a larger group of medicines known as aromatase inhibitors or also referred to as antiestrogens. Medicines in this category work by reducing the amount of oestrogen that the body produces. During treatment using Fempro (Letrozole), other types of breast cancer will grow, and these are known as oestrogen-dependent. The growth of these cancers will limit the production of oestrogen in the body and will inhibit the growth of cancer.

How to use Fempro

When prescribing for you this medicine, your physician will take you through instructions on how to use the medicine. If anything is unclear, you can clarify from your physician or read the instructions label. The medicine is available as tablets which should be administered orally. You can take the tablet with a meal, a simple snack or just fluids such as water or however the doctor directs you. If you normally experience stomach upsets after taking the medicine, try taking your next dose with a meal. Continue with your treatment for as long as your physician indicates. Even if your conditions improve before the dosage is over or symptoms worsen when starting your dose. Do not self-medicate this medicine.

Fempro Dosage

Normal prescription for adults is starting on the medicine and showing mild symptoms, a daily dose of a single tablet is prescribed. This tablet should be taken at regular intervals most patients preferring to take it in the morning or a few hours before bedtime at night. Your physician will assess how your body responds to the dose and may increase or lower it. If you skip a dose, take it as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for the next dose. Consult your physician if you happen to skip two doses consecutively.

Fempro Side Effects

Some patients may experience side effects when using this medicine. In most cases, they are not severe and should not be a cause of worry. These include; headaches, general weakness of the body and sleepiness. Insomnia, painful joints or bones, skin rashes, swelling of mostly your ankle and feet as a result of fluid build-up, spotting or vaginal discharge of thick whitish fluid. These should disappear soon and if they persist or become worse, consult your physician. Severe side effects which are rare but possible include; blood clots signs, unending flu-like symptoms, chest tightness, and numbness of different parts of your body mainly including your arms or legs. There are many other side effects that may have been possibly left out in this list. Consult your physician for a full guide on the same.

Fempro Precautions

This medicine is strictly for use by women who are not experiencing periods. For pregnant, breastfeeding women or those trying to get pregnant, the medicine may affect your baby so discuss with your doctor on the risks before starting on your dosage. Always check to ensure that your medicine is not expired; taking expired medicine may be ineffective to your condition or bring other complications. Patients with severe kidney or liver conditions or have any medical history on conditions related to those two organs should disclose this to their physicians.