Ebast (Ebastine) - 10mg (10 Tablets)

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Brand Name : Ebast

Generic Name: Ebastine |

Manufacturer : Micro

About Ebast: Ebast (Ebastine) is an antihistamine drug that is used on patients exhibiting symptoms of allergic disorders. The drug itself is classified as a second generation antihistamine non-sedative and has also shown effectiveness in controlling symptoms relating to seasonal or intermittent allergic rhinitis, chronic idiopathic and such-like diseases, and it achieves this through blocking of the histamine receptors in the body. The medicine is converted to carebastine, which is its active form as soon as it has been ingested through a pharmacological process. It’s when the medicine is in this state that it starts working, and this is through inhibition of the histamine H1 receptors. For well-retained effects, it is recommended that you dose regularly on this medicine. As soon as the histamine receptors are inhibited, the effects that it usually has on the nasal lining are effectively prevented as the receptors cannot be worked on by the histamine that has been released from mast cells.

How to use Ebast

This medicine, formulated as 10mg strength tablets is strict to be administered orally. Do not chew, crush split or dissolve the contents as this would lead to fast absorption of the contents and this limits the effectiveness of the drug. Persons with allergies in most cases will not be allowed to use this medicine by their doctors. Use this medicine as prescribed by your doctor for effective treatment. A thorough check up carried out by your doctor will precede prescription so as to ascertain the symptoms.

Ebast Dosage

Dosage differs depending on the patient. Each prescription is based on the patient’s condition being treated and its severity, their health condition, their medical history, other medicine they may be using currently including non-prescriptions and prescriptions, herbal products or supplements. A typical prescription for adults is a daily dose of 10mg. This is for patients treating allergic rhinitis or chronic idiopathic urticaria. Your physician may prescribe a different dosage depending on your condition. Do not use this medicine unless it has been prescribed for you and do not use another person’s dosage.

Ebast Side Effects

During treatment, you may experience the occurrence of side effects. There are two categories of expected side effects; common and severe. As soon as severe side effects are experiences, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. Some examples of severe side effects include; abnormal nose bleeds, insomnia, weakness of the body among others. Common side effects will disappear in just a matter of time and should not worry you unless they persist or worsen in which case you should contact your physician. These include; headaches, drowsiness, stomach cramps, dry mouth, lips, tongue, and indigestion. These listed here are not all side effects that you expect to experience, for full details to expect during your treatment, consult your doctor.

Ebast Precautions

During treatment, you may be required to lower the amount of alcohol you consume or stop its consumption altogether. This is because alcoholic beverages increase the drowsiness effects of the medicine. Because of this drowsiness effect, it is recommended that you do not operate heavy machinery, drive or perform other activities that will require high levels of concentration as this may have severe effects.