Dorzox-T Eye Drops (Dorzolamide/Timolol) - 2%/0.5% (5mL)

Dorzox-T Eye Drops (Dorzolamide/Timolol) - 2%/0.5% (5mL) P1
  • Dorzox-T Eye Drops (Dorzolamide/Timolol) - 2%/0.5% (5mL) P1

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Brand Name : Dorzox

Generic Name: Timolol Maleate | Dorzolamide |

Manufacturer : Cipla

About Dorzox: Dorzox-T Eye Drops is used to rectify increased fluid pressure inside the eyeball. This drug is used in treating glaucoma, intraocular hypertension, and other eye fluid related conditions. Dorzox-T eye drops has both Timolol and Dorzolamide as the active ingredients. The two components work at reducing the fluid production in the eye. To do this, the pressure within the eye is reduced for blood to move at a slower pace within the eyeball. Dorzox-T Eye Drops are used in various ways including control, prevention, and treatment of different types of glaucoma, few chest related problems and hypertension in the eyeball.

How to use Dorzox

Dorzox Eye Drops is used for external use only as indicated on the label, patients should also check the package for instruction on administering. For patients to apply the medication, they should tilt the head back and bring down the lower eye lid leaving enough space for one drop to hold. Take the eye drops and hold it directly over the eye and then release a single drop. Release the eye lid gently as you close the eye and wipe the extra fluid. Leave it to sink for one to two minutes. Repeat the process to the other eye if necessary and make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions as you do so.

Dorzox Dosage

Doctors strongly advise patients to follow the given prescribed dosage in order to avoid any mistakes in administering. In the event of an overdose, patients should contact a doctor immediately to know what is the next suitable cause of action. If patients miss a dose, they should also contact a doctor to receive instruction on how best to take the dose depending on the time passed since missing. The number of times of administering Dorzox-T eye drops in a day may vary depending on the type of condition and also the length of ailment.

Dorzox Side Effects

Side effects caused by taking Dorzox Eye Drops are rare and do not occur in a mild nature. However, patients are advised to contact a doctor if the side effects occur in severity or make them uncomfortable. These side effects include; blurred vision, burning eyes, irregular tastes, different body sensation in eyes.

Dorzox Precautions

People who drive are cautioned against driving after administering the drug. The patient should not involve themselves in such activity requiring alertness if they feel a bit overwhelmed by the drug. Dorzox-T eye drops don’t have a major effect on individuals with kidney problems, however, patients with liver disease should see a doctor before taking this medication since dose adjustment may be needed. When administering, patients should prevent touching the rim of the dispenser to the eye since it might bring unnecessary comfort. Contact lenses are to be removed when administering and returned only after 15 minutes have passed after applying.

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Dorzox Eye Drops (Dorzolamide) - 2% (5mL)

Dorzox Eye Drops (Dorzolamide) - 2% (5mL)

$8.30 ~ $12.50

Dorzox Eye Drops (Dorzolamide) - 2% (5mL)

Dorzox Eye Drops (Dorzolamide) - 2% (5mL)

$8.30 ~ $12.50