Dicaris (Levamisole) - 50mg (1 Tablet)

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  • Dicaris (Levamisole) - 50mg (1 Tablet) P1
  • Dicaris (Levamisole) - 50mg (1 Tablet) P2

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Brand Name : Dicaris

Generic Name: Levamisole |

Manufacturer : Johnson & Johnson

About Dicaris: Dicaris 50 (Levamisole) is a medicine that belongs to a larger group of medicines referred to as antineoplastic. This medicine is indicated for the treatment of colon cancer, and it works through causing interference in the growth of cancerous cells. It thereby prevents the growth and further spread of cancer throughout the body. This medicine can be used as a combination with other medicine in the treatment of melanoma, neck, and head cancer. It may also be indicated for patients suffering from parasitic worm infections or those undergoing chemotherapy. Your physician may also prescribe this medicine for other conditions that have possibly not been listed here.

How to use Dicaris

Dicaris 50 (Levamisole) is provided as tablets that should be taken orally. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to take the tablets. You can also check from the instructions leaflet that is available in the pack. Dicaris tablets should be swallowed whole, either with or without food. To prevent stomach upsets after each dose intake, it is recommended that you take a full glass of water. Your doctor will specify how many tablets you should take daily and for how long. To establish the progress of your condition and the side effects the medicine is having on you, your doctor may schedule periodic blood tests.

Dicaris Dosage

The correct dosage of Diaries 50 (Levamisole) will vary depending on the patient and the condition being treated. Other important factors that your doctor will use to determine the dosages to prescribe to you include your health condition, your medical history and if you are on other medications. You should only take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor and it is not recommended to alter your dosage regardless of how you respond to treatment. Your physician may schedule regular appointments which will help in determining your progress and how the symptoms are responding to treatment. To ensure that you achieve the maximum benefits of treatment using Dicaris 50 (Levamisole), always ensure that you attend all scheduled appointments.

Dicaris Side Effects

Treatment using Dicaris 50 (Levamisole) may trigger the occurrence of some undesired side effects. Notify your physician as soon as you notice the occurrence of any side effect early on so that it can be easily tackled. Some common side effects include sores in the mouth, nausea and vomiting, blood-related problems or decreased bone marrow function, mood or mental changes, decreased appetite, headaches, and diarrhea. There are other less common and more severe side effects that patients may experience, and these include memory loss, muscle weakness, symptoms of infections such as fever, chills, and seizures. This list may not cover all possible side effects. For full details on the same, contact your doctor for full information.

Dicaris Precautions

If you suffer from allergic reactions, Dicaris 50 (Levamisole) is not suitable for treating your condition. Stop using the medicine immediately and report to the ER as soon as you notice any signs of allergic reactions including chest tightness, difficulties in swallowing or breathing, skin rashes, swelling of different body parts due to fluid retention, development of skin rashes. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, are trying to conceive, are using other medications (prescriptions, over-the-counter, supplements or herbal products), have known illnesses, health problems or allergies.