Desowen 0.05% Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%w/w (30mL)

Desowen 0.05% Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%w/w (30mL) RGDesowen 0.05% Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%w/w (30mL) P0Desowen 0.05% Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%w/w (30mL) P1
  • Desowen 0.05% Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%w/w (30mL) RG
  • Desowen 0.05% Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%w/w (30mL) P0
  • Desowen 0.05% Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%w/w (30mL) P1

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Brand Name : Desowen

Generic Name: Desonide |

Manufacturer : Galderma

About Desowen: Desowen (Desonide) is used in the treatment of various skin conditions in patients. Some of the most common conditions that this medicine is indicated to include skin itchiness, irritation, swelling and reddening of the skin as well as inflammation. This medicine is categorized as a corticosteroid and is used not to cure such conditions but to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Other than helping treat these conditions, the medicine is also effective in moisturizing skins and can be prescribed by your doctor for other uses that may not be listed here. Consult your physician for more details.

How to use Desowen

Desowen (Desonide) is available as a lotion meant for external application only. Your physician will take you through on how to use this medicine for the best results. In the case of any concern, you can always contact them for clarifications. Remember to wash your hand properly as well as the areas of skin that you intend to treat before you apply the lotion. Always leave both parts to dry naturally and shake the lotion gently to mix the contents. Take a small amount of the cream from the tube and massage it on the affected area to form a thin cream layer. Immediately, wash your hands and return the medicine in a safe location. This helps prevent further spread of the medicine to unaffected areas which may lead to undesired results.

Desowen Dosage

Your doctor will give you a prescription of Desowen (Desonide) that they will consider necessary to treat your condition. They will consider your current medical condition, other medicines you are using (supplements, non-prescription, herbal and prescription), medical history and how severe your health condition is. Do not increase or lower your dosage if your doctor has not approved regardless of whether the symptoms are improving or not. Do not stop using the medicine altogether unless your doctor has given you the green light to do so after consultations.

Desowen Side Effects

The use of Desowen (Desonide) may lead to the development of undesired side effects. If it is your first time or in a very long time to use this cream, it is common to experience temporal and mild reactions such as a burning sensation on the skin, skin reddening, stinging or irritation. Should any of these persist or worsen, notify your doctor immediately. Also, talk to your physician as soon as you notice any signs of these severe side effects; inflammation of your mouth or hair follicles, discoloration or even peeling of your skin, persistent irritation, dryness and burning as well as extended dryness and skin thinning.

Desowen Precautions

This medicine is for external use only and should be applied only on the affected area. Do not use the cream on broken, cut, burnt or skin damaged in anyway. Also, take extra care to ensure that the cream does not come into contact with your ear holes, nose, mouth or eyes. Before applying your cream, always check for its expiry date. Discuss with your doctor about the risks of using this medicine if you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from conditions that are resulted by dysfunction of the heart, liver or kidneys.

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