Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate) - 10mg (10 Tablets)

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  • Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate) - 10mg (10 Tablets) P1
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  • Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate) - 10mg (10 Tablets) P3

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Brand Name : Cytotam

Generic Name: Tamoxifen Citrate |

Manufacturer : Cipla

About Cytotam: Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate) is a medicinal drug that is prescribed to patients suffering from both advanced as well as early stages of breast cancer. The medicine has been found effective for this condition for decades and recently, has been found effective as an additional treatment for patients who are through with their treatment of breast cancer. This medicine belongs to a larger category of medicines known as anti-estrogen hormone antagonists. Its main method or action is through the interference of estrogen activities. It may also be prescribed to women who have a family history of breast cancer. Your doctor may prescribe this medicine to you for the treatment of other conditions that may not have been listed here.

How to use Cytotam

Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate) is available in tablets that should only be administered orally. It is recommended that the tablet is swallowed whole without splitting, chewing, crushing or dissolving it. You may take the medicine with or without food but always ensure that you take plenty of water together with your doses. Taking the tablets with food helps some patients prevent nauseous feelings associated with the medicine and also the metallic aftertaste that is common after every dose.

Cytotam Dosage

Always take Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate) as prescribed by your doctor. There is no general prescription and each dosage uniquely matches the patient. The typical prescription for adults ranges between a single to two daily doses. Your doctor will determine how long treatment will progress, and this may be up to 5 years. Before prescribing for you a dose, your doctor may be required to perform assessments of your condition. This is important because prescription calculations are based on several important factors such as your health condition, medical history, the condition being treated and its severity as well as other medicines that you might currently be using (prescriptions, non-prescriptions, herbal and supplement).

Cytotam Side Effects

It is possible to experience the occurrence of side effects during your treatment using Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate). Some commonly reported side effects include headaches decreased libido, vaginal itchiness, discharge or dryness, hot flushes, hair loss or thinning hair, bone or joint pains as well as tumor pain. These may fade with continued use of the medicine although should they persist or worsen, you should notify your doctor immediately. There are other more severe but less common side effects that include blurred vision, mental or mood changes, lumps in the breast, irregular menstruation, edema, easy bruising and bleeding and jaundice.

Cytotam Precautions

Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate) should not by any means be used as a contraceptive regardless of the fact that it affects menstrual cycles. This medicine may not be suitable for use by all patients. Discuss with your doctor about the risks of taking this medicine if you are pregnant, have illnesses, are suffering from any allergies or are using other medications, including herbal or supplements. Do not start or stop using the medicine without consent from your doctor. Do not adjust the dosage that has been prescribed by your physician as this may lead to ineffectiveness of your treatment or development of other undesired health conditions.

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