Cilacar 5 (Cilnidipine) - 5mg (10 Tablets)

Cilacar 5 (Cilnidipine) - 5mg (10 Tablets) P1Cilacar 5 (Cilnidipine) - 5mg (10 Tablets) P2
  • Cilacar 5 (Cilnidipine) - 5mg (10 Tablets) P1
  • Cilacar 5 (Cilnidipine) - 5mg (10 Tablets) P2

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Brand Name : Cilacar

Generic Name: Cilnidipine |

Manufacturer : J.B. Chemicals

About Cilacar:

Cilacar (Cilnidipine) defines a medicine used for treating patients suffering from vascular damage which is mostly due to the risks of hypertension. It blocks calcium channels which in turn help in controlling hypertension by limiting the functionality of angiotensin receptors in the body. The medicine can also be combined with Telmisartan and be used to treat myocardial infarction (heart attack) and in some cases heart failure which describes when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood to the body.

How to use Cilacar

Read the instructions well from your physician as soon as you receive your prescriptions. The medicine is available in tablets, and they should be swallowed whole. Do not chew, split or crush the tablets as this would only reduce their effectiveness. Maintain a regular schedule of taking the medicine so as not to forget doses. If you skip a dose, take it as soon as you remember but do not take double doses for a skipped dose.

Cilacar Dosage

It is very critical you follow dosages as prescribed by your physician. Failure of doing so may lead to ineffectiveness of the drug, worsening of symptoms and in some cases, extreme medical conditions. The medicine is prescribed depending on an individual’s characteristic. These include; a person’s weight, current medical condition, health condition being treated, medical history as well as allergies. Once prescribed and starting on the use of this medicine, do not self-medicate. This involves continuing with a new dosage once the dose initially prescribed by your physician is out. Do not lower or increase your dosage without consulting your physician. Some patients may take time before they adapt to the medicine and this explains cases of worsening symptoms or fast improvements. Do not do self-evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the medicine. When in doubt, consult your physician.

Cilacar Side Effects

Just as it is with most other medicines, most patients are likely to experience side effects when using Cilacar. This may not be true to all and most of these side effects are too common and should not worry you at all. After a while, most of the side effects disappear as the body adjusts to the medicine. However, in rare cases, some of these side effects may persist or even become worse. As soon as this happens, consult your physician immediately and stop your Cilacar dosage. Common side effects include; headaches, difficulties in breathing and swallowing, symptoms of low blood pressure, Edema, and abnormal swellings. There may be other side effects which you might experience that are not listed here. For a full guide on side effects, you most likely will experience, consult your physician who will be in a better position to tell you as they prescribed the medicine for you.

Cilacar Precautions

Cilacar can be used by men and women although pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding patients should talk to their physicians about their situations. The medicine may also be unsafe for patients with known allergic reactions, suffering from other illnesses or have an ongoing health condition. Talk to your doctor about different forms of medication that you are taking including prescribed, non-prescribed, supplements or herbal medicines. If you experience a hypersensitive reaction after using the medicine, consult a doctor immediately. Some signs that will help you identify hypertension reactions include abnormal swellings, hives, skin rashes, chest tightness and difficulties in breathing and swallowing.

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Cilacar 10 (Cilnidipine) - 10mg (10 Tablets)

Cilacar 10 (Cilnidipine) - 10mg (10 Tablets)

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