Canditral (Itraconazole) - 100mg (4 Capsules)

Canditral (Itraconazole) - 100mg (4 Capsules) P1Canditral (Itraconazole) - 100mg (4 Capsules) P2Canditral (Itraconazole) - 100mg (4 Capsules) P3
  • Canditral (Itraconazole) - 100mg (4 Capsules) P1
  • Canditral (Itraconazole) - 100mg (4 Capsules) P2
  • Canditral (Itraconazole) - 100mg (4 Capsules) P3

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Brand Name : Canditral

Generic Name: Itraconazole |

Manufacturer : Glenmark

About Canditral: This medicine can be identified under the trade name- Canditral. Its main active ingredient is Itraconazole. It belongs to a group of drugs known as antifungal imidazole. The main manufacturer and marketer of this drug are known as Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. It is presented in the form of oral 100mg capsules that are packed in blisters. Its main function is to destroy or eliminate the fungi cells so that they do not spread to other areas of the skin. In doing so, the infection is controlled.

How to use Canditral

Fungal infections that affect the nails are controlled using Canditral as I enter the system through the bloodstream and identifies where the fungus cells are located to destroy them completely. The user needs to exercise patience since the effects can be felt after six months. By this time, the fungus cells under the nails shall disappear paving way to new and healthy toe nails.

Canditral Dosage

It is advisable for the user to swallow the capsules as a whole once a day, preferably at night after taking a heavy meal. This is done only if the patient follows the doctor’s advice keenly so that effective treatment can be administered. The therapy is supposed to take 12 weeks or more, and this will entirely depend on the response of the patient towards the drug. It is mandatory for them to finish the dosage for them to experience the results.

Canditral Side Effects

Patients that are taking this medicine usually complain if skin rashes, fever, interference with the functions of the liver, nausea, runny stomachs and drowsiness. All these side effects may vary from one person to another. Diabetic patients may also experience intolerance since each capsule contains sugars.

Canditral Precautions

Diabetic patients need to discontinue the use of this medicine since it contains sucrose. This could interfere with their normal sugar levels. They can rely on their doctors to prescribe alternative medicines on their behalf.

Do not take the drug if you are allergic to itraconazole. Always ask your physician on the way forward once test results have proven that you are hypersensitive to it.

Pregnant women and lactating mothers also need to take extra care when using this drug so that they do not end up endangering the life of their children. In fact, women who fall under the childbearing age and are working towards conceiving should avoid since it interferes with their hormones.

A patient with an inherited disorder of fructose intolerance should also avoid using these medicines without a prescription.

A medical history of congestive heart failure also needs to stop taking these drugs since it makes the problem worse. The patient should report shortness of breath caused by this condition.