Biomycin-250 (Clarithromycin) - 250mg (4 Tablets)

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Brand Name : Biomycin

Generic Name: Clarithromycin |

Manufacturer : Biochem

About Biomycin:

Biomycin (Clarithromycin) is an antibiotic, which falls under the category of macrolide and is found to have semi-synthetic properties. Biomycin is used in preventing further activities by bacteria in the human body proven to work against gram-positive microorganisms and aerobic gram-negative and other bacteria types. The medicine works through launching attacks on the bacterial ribosomal subunits which is effective in preventing the bacteria from forming proteins which they require multiplying. Limiting their growth makes the medicine effective in controlling symptoms caused by bacteria growth in the human body. The leftovers are destroyed by the body’s immune system. Some conditions that can be treated using the medicine are skin infections, Lyme disease, respiratory system bacterial infections which include sinusitis and bronchitis among other diseases not listed here.

How to use Biomycin

It is advised for patients to space evenly their daily dosage of the medicine. Typically, a normal dosage is twice per day though this may differ; take your medicine as prescribed by your physician. To prevent stomach upsets after taking the medicine which is common, take the medicine with some food and fluid such as water or milk. Once you have started on your dosage, do not discontinue it unless instructed by your physician. Your physician may request you to attend frequent therapies to ascertain how your body is responding to treatment using Biomycin. It is important to attend these checkups and if unsure about anything concerning your treatment, ask your doctor.

Biomycin Dosage

Use strictly only the dosage your physician prescribes to you. Different individuals will have different dosages depending on what conditions they are treating, its severity and their health status. For most adults treating moderate symptoms of bacterial infections, physicians prescribed a daily dosage of 2 tablets that should be taken consecutively for between 7 and 14 days. Do not self-medicate yourself; stick to your physician’s prescriptions. In case your symptoms improve or worsen, do not adjust your dosage but contact your physician immediately.

Biomycin Side Effects

Though this may differ depending on patients, you may experience side effects from using the medicine. Some are common whereas others are classified as severe. Some common side effects that arise from using Biomycin include; insomnia, digestion problems, stomach upsets, and pains, feeling of an abnormal and awful taste in your mouth and loose stools. Unless these symptoms persist or become worse, do not worry as they will fade. Contact your physician immediately you notice; discoloring in your urine, a significant drop in appetite and other side effects that may not have been listed here. For a full guide on what side effects to expect, consult your physician.

Biomycin Precautions

The use of Biomycin may trigger colitis (bowel inflammation) either during or after treatment for some patients. This is evidenced by bloody diarrhea or stools and you should notify your physician immediately you notice any such signs. If you have a history of liver disease, discuss with your physician about the risks of taking this medicine before starting your treatment. In case you get an infection mid-way in your treatment, consult your physician right away for further advice.

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