Arcolane Scalp Solution (Ketoconazole) - 2% (60mL)

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Brand Name : Arcolane

Generic Name: Ketoconazole |

Manufacturer : Galderma

About Arcolane: Arcolane Scalp Solution is a medication that is recommended when one suffers from adverse scalp conditions. It is the best drug to treat fungal, yeast and other scalp problems. It is also used to get a dandruff free scalp. Many products claim to provide a healthy dandruff free scalp. The Arcolane Scalp Solution is the best among them. It not only cures scalp problems like itching, flaking and scaling but also helps in preventing them. This medicine is known as Arcolane Scalp Solution (Ketoconazole). The Ketoconazole is the active ingredient in the drug that acts as anti- fungal agent and gives a healthy scalp.

How to use Arcolane

This medicine should be used only after getting the prescription from your doctor. Here are some of the tips which could help you to understand about its usage.

  • Make your hair and scalp wet before application of the medicine.
  • Take a little amount of this scalp solution and rub it on your palms.
  • Then apply it gently over your scalp and massage.
  • Massage the scalp into a lather that covers all of the scalp and hair.
  • Wash off with Luke warm water.
  • Dry your hair and scalp throughout.

The usage of the solution depends on how severe the problem is. You may have to use it twice if needed. Consult your doctor to know the number of times it has to be applied in a week.

Arcolane Dosage

The dosage of Arcolane Scalp Solution (Ketoconazole) depends on your condition. It must be utilized as per the prescription of the doctor.

Arcolane Side Effects

However, this solution can be used my many skin types; there are many side effects of it too. Many people experience irritation in the scalp after using arcolane. There can be an occurrence of bumps or pimples on the scalp. It may also cause dryness or even excess of oil on the scalp. If you see any of these symptoms after using the medicine, stop its usage immediately and consult a doctor. Those People who are allergic to these kinds of anti-fungal medications should keep them away. Every skin type is different, and therefore a doctor must be consulted before choosing a medicine.

It should be remembered that this shampoo is not made for regular use. You need not use it if you have a healthy scalp. It must also be kept out of the reach of children as it may cause them harm.

Arcolane Precautions

One must take certain precautions like limiting alcohol, and the likes. It must not be used on children scalp without doctor`s recommendation.

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