Anawin Injection (Bupivacaine) - 5mg (20mL)

Anawin Injection (Bupivacaine) - 5mg (20mL) P1
  • Anawin Injection (Bupivacaine) - 5mg (20mL) P1

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Brand Name : Anawin

Generic Name: Bupivacaine |

Manufacturer : Neon

About Anawin:

Anawin injection is a local anesthetic drug used for various medical procedures ranging from dental surgery to pain relief for childbirth. It’s also used to manage pain after surgery, cancer pain, general anesthesia, and spinal anesthesia. Anawin injection works by blocking the initiation and transmission or the nerves responsible for transmitting impulses. The drug is administered locally, i.e., in the area experiencing pain. A tooth extraction procedure, for instance, will need Anawin injection in the gums surrounded the affected tooth. It can be a prescribed in some situations (e.g., pain relief) but is mainly administered at the hospital during medical procedures.

How to use Anawin

Inform the doctor of any medication you are taking at the time including over the counter drugs before getting the injection. If you have any pre-existing condition, allergy, upcoming surgery or are pregnant, tell the doctor in advance to prevent negative side effects. Bupivacaine interaction with some drugs can make the patient more prone to side effects.  The dosage prescribed by the doctor depends on your condition. However, the drug is usually administered as a single dose at the hospital.

Anawin Dosage

Anawin injection is administered as a single dose by the doctor or nurse at the hospital. You should not attempt to self-administer the injection.

Anawin Side Effects

There are some possible side effects of using Anawin injection. Any side effects should be reported to your doctor if they are persistent or are getting worse. The side effects include; feeling dizzy or lightheaded, headache, ringing in the ears, nausea, and vomiting. Patients also report a tingling sensation, unusual back pain, and difficulty in emptying the bladder completely. Other side effects include high blood pressure, lowered blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.

Anawin Precautions

Before getting the Anawin injection, inform the physician if you have any respiratory condition, heart problems, liver or kidney condition or stomach tumors. If you have a swollen stomach caused by excess fluid or have fluid in your lungs, you should definitely tell your doctor beforehand. Anawin contains sodium meaning if you are on a controlled sodium diet the doctor should know about it. After receiving a shot of Anawin, avoid driving or operating machinery because it can cause drowsiness and sleepiness.  If you feel dizzy or numb around the tongue, mouth and lips or experience sight and hearing problems, immediately seek medical attention. Any side effects that restrict you from doing normal activities or are increasing in severity should warrant a visit to the physician.


Bupivacaine can be unsafe for a pregnant mother since it harms the fetus. Animal studies on bupivacaine have shown far-reaching effects on fetuses although human trials are too few to draw a clear picture. This might be confusing since Anawin is used on pregnant women during childbirth. In search cases, the benefits of Anawin outweigh the risk for expectant women. It is, however, safe to use during breastfeeding as it presents no risk for the baby. Patients taking the injection should be wary of using alcohol while under medication. The effects of alcohol interaction with bupivacaine are not well known.