Anabrez (Anastrozole) - 1mg (5 Tablets)

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  • Anabrez (Anastrozole) - 1mg (5 Tablets) P1
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  • Anabrez (Anastrozole) - 1mg (5 Tablets) P3

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Brand Name : Anabrez

Generic Name: Anastrozole |

Manufacturer : Sun Pharma

About Anabrez: Anabrez (Anastrozole) is a medicine classified as a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor. This medicine is indicated for postmenopausal women as a treatment for breast cancer. It can be used alone or as a combination of different types of treatment which may include radiation, surgery et al. in curing breast cancer. Anabrez (Anastrozole) works by shrinking breast tumors through reduction of estrogen, a hormone produced by the body which aids the growth of these tumors that are cancerous. This is possible since the active ingredient of this medicine which is anastrozole is used to inhibit aromatase enzyme which is important in the process of formation of estrogen. The enzyme converts different sex hormones such as testosterone and androstenedione into estrogen and hence when inhibited, the process of forming estrogen is directly halted.

How to use Anabrez

Anabrez (Anastrozole) is available as tablets that should be taken orally. This medicine is mostly used where other treatment options have proved unsuccessful and should strictly be used as prescribed by the doctor. You can take this medicine with or without food but in both cases, try taking it together with a full glass of water. Ensure that you have notified your doctor first and follow their instructions should you for any reason wish to discontinue using this drug. This medicine can be used for long-term treatment plans stretching for up to 5 years or more.

Anabrez Dosage

Your dosage will be determined on the condition being treated, its severity, your present health condition, health history or medication that you may be using currently which might include prescriptions, non-prescriptions, supplements or herbal medication. For women who are past their menopause and are starting their treatment for breast cancer, the typical prescription is a daily dose of 1mg to be taken each day. This may be for as long as until when you notice signs of tumor progression, and this will vary for different patients.

Anabrez Side Effects

The use of Anabrez (Anastrozole) may lead to the development of some unwanted side effects which may include; experiencing of hot flashes, hair thinning or loss, pain and stiffness in the joints, soreness that will affect the bones or back, vaginal symptoms and other common side effects that may not have been listed here. In rare cases do patients report the occurrence of severe side effects which may include; an increase in weight, a sore pain experienced when passing urine, stomach cramps, visual problems, and appearances of blisters on the skin, lesions. Get more details on what side effects you are most likely to experience from your physician.

Anabrez Precautions

If you have known allergies, do not use this medicine. Contact your doctor immediately you notice any signs of allergic reactions which include difficulties in breathing or swallowing, chest tightness, swelling due to retention of fluid, hives, and skin rashes. Do not start using this medicine unless you have talked to your doctor about its suitability to you especially if:

  • You are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or nursing
  • Have a history of disorders and diseases relating to organs such as the heart, kidney or lungs
  • Are using other medications that may react with Anabrez (Anastrozole).

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