Veenat 100 (Imatinib) - 100mg (120 Capsules)

Veenat 100 (Imatinib) - 100mg (120 Capsules) P1
  • Veenat 100 (Imatinib) - 100mg (120 Capsules) P1

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Brand Name : Veenat

Generic Name: Imatinib |

Manufacturer : Natco

About Veenat: Veenat 100 (Imatinib) is an anti-cancer medication that is present in tablet form. Each tablet contains 100 mg of Imatinib which is the active component in the drug. It is considered a tyrosine kinase inhibitor which is a negative type of protein in the body. The drug works by breaking down the abnormal protein that makes it possible for the growth of cancer cells within the body. This medication is used in the treatment of a variety of illnesses. They include; specific kinds of skin cancer, bone marrow disorders, gastrointestinal stromal tumors and certain kinds of leukemia.

How to use Veenat

Veenat 100 (Imatinib) tablets are taken orally with a glass of water. The tablet should not be crushed or chewed as this may affect its absorption into the body. Usually, for adults, a physician recommends 1 to 2 tablets daily. Patients are encouraged to take the drug at the same time every day to help them not to forget the dosages. Veenat 100 (Imatinib) tablets should always be taken after meals, on a full stomach to avoid any incidences of stomach upset.

Veenat Dosage

Patients should consult a doctor before taking Veenat 100 (Imatinib) tablets to advise on the frequency of the dosage as well as the length of treatment that is appropriate.Patients should not adjust or change the dosage in any way as this may cause misuse of the drug and in worse cases, an overdose. In the event of an overdose, patients should contact a doctor immediately to advise on the best course of action to take.

Veenat Side Effects

Using Veenat 100 (Imatinib) tablets may cause some possible side effects. Although these side effects are not in any way fatal or severe, patients are advised to keep in touch with a physician in case they experience any discomfort. Side effects include; dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue, upset stomach and diarrhoea. These side effects affect only a small percentage of users of the drug.

Veenat Precautions

Grape juice or grape fruits should be avoided when taking this medication as it may lead to more adverse side effects. This drug may cause dizziness, and so users should be sure to avoid driving and any other activities that require attention and vision. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should be sure to consult a doctor before using Veenat 100 (Imatinib) to determine whether it is safe to use the medication in their condition. If users experience an allergic reaction to the drug, they should consult a doctor as soon as possible to advise on the right course of action to take. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include; tightness of the chest, swelling, hives, and rashes and having a problem breathing or swallowing.

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