Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) - 2mg (28 Tablets)

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Brand Name : Estraheal

Generic Name: Oestradiol Valerate |

Manufacturer : Healing Pharma

About Estraheal: Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) - 2mg is a synthetic or artificial hormone that is used in the treatment of symptoms associated with menopause. It is a medicinal tablet for women used to stabilize the hormone levels in the body. Each tablet contains 2 milligrams of the active ingredient in the drug; Estradiol Valerate. This drug provides oestrogen in the body of a woman to fill in for the diminished function of the ovaries in egg and hormone production. Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) can also be used to sustain ovulation as well as normal ovary functions in women with menstrual conditions. It is also an effective relief against symptoms like hot flushes, sleeplessness, lethargy, sweating at night, mood swings, vaginal dryness and burning and loss of concentration.

How to use Estraheal

Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) - 2mg is ingested orally with a glass of water. The drug should be taken the whole and not broken or chewed. After starting the medication, patients are advised not to stop the prescription for any reason before they consult a doctor. This might lead to unwanted effects and interruption of the treatment program. Patients should follow a doctor’s instructions when taking this medication.

Estraheal Dosage

Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) - 2mg is used in the treatment of a variety of menstrual conditions, and thus, patients should consult a doctor to get the appropriate dosage for their specific condition. Self-medication is highly discouraged as it might lead to overdosing. In the event of an overdose, patients should contact a doctor immediately to direct on the best course of action. If the patient misses a dose, they should take it as soon as remembering unless it is two hours before the next dose then they can miss the dose to prevent an overdose.

Estraheal Side Effects

When using Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) tablets, one might encounter some side effects. Although these side effects do not occur in severity, it is important to keep in touch with a doctor to report any discomfort. These side effects include; a headache, bloating, nausea, tenderness of the breast, vomiting accompanied by stomach upsets, dark urine, changes in weight.

Estraheal Precautions

Drug interactions may occur with Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) tablets, and so patients should inform the doctor if they are under any other medication before taking on Estraheal. Prescriptions, supplements, herbal products, and vitamins are also susceptible to drug interaction, and patients should mention any of these to the doctor before taking a prescription. Estraheal (Estradiol Valerate) should be stored in a cool and dry place away from children. Estraheal might cause birth defects hence is not fit for pregnant women and breast-feeding women since it reduces the amount of milk produced significantly.

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